More on the ttc saga

I have been ttc for a number of years now and battling with the D to make this possible, in my last blog entry I kind of did a synopsis of what was going on during my absence.

I have now embarked on that larger dosage of clomid (which surprisingly hasn’t affected my BGs too much) but has turned me into a weepy mess of hot flashes and swollen/sore tum.

On Friday I had a scan to ‘check’ progress and absolutely naff all was happening, No Dominant follicles (that’s those measuring 10mm or more which show signs of developing, it’s like my insides were asleep having had a nuclear bomb set off under them, disappointing!) The largest was just under 9mm being generous! >:0/
The prognosis didn’t look good and looked even worse when my consultant said ‘not looking promising…AT ALL!! But come in for a confirmation scan on Monday and we can decide whether to abandon or not…’ Not very awe inspiring really…

So with a heavy heart I attended clinic again, expecting and prepared for the worst, and darnit if everything had woken up and decided to get a wriggle on, I have one perfect dominant follicle measuring 13.6, so basically they’re just taking their time, you know relaxing into it, ha ha. Got a call later that day advising when me to take the HCG shot to help mature things and give us the best chance possible.

And SO tomorrow I have a huge syringe of Pregnyl to take. Man!! I thought syringes were loooooong into my past but this one (and it’s contents) is a whopper, if I’m honest I’m a teeny bit nervous about it all. I don’t know how it will affect my blood sugars or how I will feel, I mean essentially I’m injecting pregnancy hormone, will it make my insulin less efficient as in early PG? Will my BG’s go all screwy? Will I be tempted to do a pregnancy test just to see how it will look when/if I do get PG? (*stupid face Probably!)
I just hope that there aren’t any side effects and if there are I hope I can deal with it all

I’m hoping for the best!