More reactions to inset and dex sites

Even with sensimist I’m still having reactions at both my sites. I was using another product like opsite flexfix as well as of, I had one upstairs and one downstairs. I stopped that one just in case it’s that. I had another really itchy big bump at my last dexcom site, put above but on the same leg as the first one and then a very painful inset on my stomach, I’ve had that before to the point that I’ll scream if I bend down the wrong way etc. but this one was really bad, was screaming a lot and scared my cats :joy_cat: But if my bg is good I’ll wait to change it And just try not to move in a way that causes the pain. Finally I had to change this last one and it was still hurting for 3 days after.

The odd thing is sometimes they hurt right away with insertion,and sometimes they are painless and then they become inflamed, itchy and painful as time goes on. Nothing seems to be working consistently. I’m getting a lot of bruising with the huge dexcom inserted needle. I basically have scars etc healing all over all the time.

I can’t help a lot with sensitivity or allergic issues, but I will say that I always use Unisolve and let it sit for 1-2 minutes, prior to removing my sets and sensors. Otherwise the tape being removed leaves my skin super pink and very tender. While wearing sensors and sets, i have no discomfort, unless something pushes the G5 xmitter purple carrier edges hard into me. The sharp edges of the plastic can irritate after a while.

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I have been getting by using 3M Cavilon (I use the wipes) and putting Tegaderm HP down first, them the Dexcom and pump site on top of it. I still have some itching and red irritation, but so far have not found a way to completely avoid it.

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I second the recommendation for Cavilon, I’ve had some success with it. It doesn’t solve the reactions completely, but it does seem to help.

I’ve had similar reactions to what you describe, where a set (I use metal) will be fine for the first 12 hours and then out of nowhere become really painful. I’ve begun removing sets as soon as they feel painful or irritated. This usually happens within 24 hours. If it happens within 12 hours, then because I use the metal sets I just move it to a nearby location while using the same set. I’ve had metal sets fail before if I leave them in after they become painful - something that’s supposed to be nearly impossible (yet it’s happened to me numerous times, skyrocketing BG and high ketones).

I also avoid all products that make irritation worse (for me those are, so far, Skin Tac, Tegaderm, and many bandaids and medical tapes). It took a lot of trial and erro with different tapes to figure out what I could tolerate. I’m not sure if it helps, but I also create a “safety loop” with my tubing so that if my tubing gets pulled the set doesn’t get pulled, which could increase irritation.

Periodically I try plastic sets to see if I can tolerate them, because I would LOVE to be able to put in a set with an inserter and leave it in for a whole three days! Invariably they end up super itchy, irritated, and failing within 24 hours.

I hope you find a solution to this soon. There’s not much more frustrating than this type of reaction. I’ve found the combination of switching to metal sets, frequent set changes, Cavilon cream and daily antihistamines, and avoidance of irritating products the most helpful. Keeping my allergies and eczema under control are also really important.

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I don’t think unisolve or any of those solvent things are going to help me. They have chemicals that just seem to aggravate what is already going on or even cause it maybe. I didn’t care for the other liquid barrier product I used before I had the first bad allergic reaction, it smelled awful and dripped all over my fingers drying them out. I’m sure it has formaldehyde or something similar in it. I’ll check that out just in case. Fortunately I was able to return the other one to Amazon for a full refund.

Thanks I’ll check it out. But I doubt I’ll be using any more liquid skin preps. They seem to make the situation worse. I ordered something someone mentioned helped them, convatec duoderm. Maybe that will be better than the opsite.

Thanks Jen, I guess I’ll keep trying more things. Another odd thing with the pain is sometimes if I ignore it for a while it will go away. Which is why I wait. Fortunately I’ve never had a total failure with a metal inset. I won’t use the plastic ones any more, I had terrible reactions to them and constant kinking with delivery failures. The inserters caused trauma which I think made things worse too. Lately I am leaving them in for 2 1/2 to 3 days- my metal insets- and it seems to be OK, but I think I’m going to have to stop that now because it could be contributing to some of these issues. Problem is sometimes it happens at two days and earlier too and other times it will be fine and I have no clue why. I can’t seem to find a pattern with what is going on here.

The steroid cream has been helping me but I thought I was better so I stopped it except for specific areas like my arms. I was on half dose of Benadryl for a week to try to help me get back to an earlier schedule and to help the itching. I think it helps the overall itching but I actually had these reactions, one of them at least while, I was on the Benadryl. Finally I could not stand the effects so I stopped that last night. And now the itching is worse but I was still itchy even when I was taking the Benadryl just not as bad.

I put opsiteflex fix over the insert and part of the tube to keep it in place too I often get the tube impressed in to me and it can get itchy and or painful so I’m wondering if that’s not a good idea. I started only putting it over the actual inset so it cannot be ripped off.

Let me know how it works because I could really use something more than the liquid preps. Even the cavilon can be hit or miss.

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Yeah, I would definitely try changing them more frequently. The package insert, at least here in Canada, says to change the metal sets every 24-48 hours, and that’s for people without any issues. So if you’re having issues, I’d definitely follow the manufacturers recommendations.

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Well I don’t know how the duoderm has worked for you, but I did get some myself. I am super happy with how well it sticks (even after a few days and showers and physical activity), but for the main reason I tried them which was the itching and irritation they haven’t been great. I am about exhausted trying to find something that works :confused: .

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So far the duoderm is working very well for me for dexcom. I’m on my third sensor and I’ve had no severe reactions and less itching overall there. I haven’t tried it for insets yet. I’m not sure if it’s too thick for them. What I’m doing is wipe with alcohol, spray on sensimist, put small patch of duoderm on, then put dexcom on and small patch of opsite with a cutout. I hope this keeps working for me. This sensor now I’ve put on the leg I had 2 bad reactions on but further away so I’ll see if it works there. I still get my normal red bump inflammation at the sensor insertion site. I think some of this for me is caused by the initial trauma of inserting the sensor with that large needle. Dexcom needs to change it but who knows if they ever will. There’s a new cgm system in Europe now with a subcutaneous sensor which is left in place for a few months and which seems to be accurate. I hope we get that here and that it will be something that can help me with all of these issues and which will make my life so much easier.

Duoderm is very expensive but it’s worth it if it continues to help prevent severe allergic reactions.

I’m sorry the duoderm isn’t working for itching for you. Are you using sensimist too? I’d try that too.

Yep, I’m trying to do that now, sometimes I’m exhausted and if bg is ok and or I have no pain etc. I wait. I only have an rx for 48 hrs so maybe I can change that. Right now I’m in a battle with my ins to not pay twice my normal copay for all my pump and dex stuff.

No I had not heard of Sensimist before, I will have to try it. I have recently tried Flonase, but it really didn’t help much and on top of that it seemed to cause my insulin not to work as well.

I don’t think it will help with the duoderm though for me. I had possibly the worst reaction to anything I have ever used with the duoderm. By time it got to the point of taking it off I had a HUGE red area that not only itched but burned pretty badly, it even extended past the borders of the dressing. I was using the extra thin kind for both the infusion site and Dexcom, which was thin enough to use with the 8mm steel sets I was using.

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