More things I have learned

The first time I ever posted here was a discussion on June 12, 2012 where I asked for opinions about the Animas and Omnipod pumps. I got some great information and eventually first got a Dexcom CGM in November 2012 and then an Omnipod pump in May 2013. Lately with the help of an amazing program from Diasend I am finally able to see a compilation of both my Dexcom and Omnipod PDM data. Using this program I have managed to set my basals exactly right and yesterday my A1C result was 5.8 which is considered "high normal". After almost 40 years with D, I am so grateful to have this technology to help me stay between the lines. ![|640x221](upload://zqqIpo5raxJjJ1KZqRxu5jArdGx.jpeg)

Great! Congratulations!

Congratulations Clare, What a great outcome.

Clare, you are my role model. Now I need an Omnipod. I was really wanting you to be at the Unconference because you have helped me out so much. Thank you for posting and 5.8 is amazing.

Thanks for you kind words. Katie, I'm sorry I missed the Unconference too, but it's a trek from Massachusetts to Nevada so I'll have to wait until they have one in my neck of the woods. I honestly can't say enough good things about my Omnipod. It literally has taken away so much of the day to day grind of life with D. Right now I am focusing my attention on getting Medicare to cover an Omnipod pump. Unfortunately as of now they will only allow PWD to use a traditional tubed pump but not one that is tubeless and disposable. So the fight goes on.

Please keep fighting the fight. You are my hero!

That is awesome! Way to go, Clare!