More thoughts on health and "fitness"

If you read my previous blog entry, you were treated to the knowledge that I lead a sedentary lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle consists of succumbing to the explosion of “Reality T.V.” shows. Most of these shows are far from entertaining - especialy the ones that have the ludacris concept of cramming a bunch of girls into one, tiny, common living space in a huge mansion, so that a celebrity can find their “true love”. My first comment on these shows is, I am not so naive that I believe Brett Michaels when he goes on a talk show and says, "He was doing a second season of ‘Rock of Love’ because it honestly didn’t work out with the girl who ‘won his heart’ (like I said, ludacris) in the first season. Ya, and Flavor Flav is doing a third season of his show because he believes that this time his true love will run to his arms and be wisked away where they can live happily ever after! The best thing that I hear when watching these shows is “If you aren’t here for me, then you’d better tell me now”! Um, guys, not one of those girls is there for you…they want to be on t.v. - just like you want to be on t.v. The craziest thing that I have seen on reality t.v. recently, is a show that spawned from someone who was eliminated from “A Shot of Love with Telia Tequila” (which coincidentally aired right before she released an album…hmmm). Dominico, the cute, funny, Italian who wore swim “undies” that read (across his bottom…hehe!), “100% Italian ■■■”, got his own show! They really push the fact that he is Italian, first with the title of the show, “That’s Amore”, and then with the most disgusting challenges I have seen yet. I just don’t have the stomache to watch girls dive into a pool of spaghetti, sauce, and meatballs, try to get as many meatballs in their mouth as they can, and run back to their team to spit the meatballs out into an empty bowl. The two most entertaining things about this show are: the fact that the girls on the show talk about how “in love” they are with Dominico…ya I believe that my true love will be found when I see them briefly on a show where they are competing against others for someones “heart”, and that Ashley, another reject from Telia Tequila’s show, is Dominico’s right hand man. I laughed so hard when he had to count how many meatballs each team spit out into their bowls to see who had the most! Let’s just say that Ashley was portrayed on her show as a dumb guy, who bragged about a job he once had, spraying poop off of elephants at a carnival. But I do have good news for you girls who have “fallen in love” with Ashley. The chances of him having his own reality show are very high! So go ahead - get your audition tapes ready! Your chance to be on t.v. is here!

Do you think your experience leading a sedentary lifestyle these days has to do with your diabetes? I have a sister with diabetes and I can’t help feeling like treating the high and lows of her sugars all day must be exhausting in itself (she seems to fluctuate a lot), such that taking care of the daily little things becomes overwhelming.

By the way, I had never even heard of Telia Tequila or That’s Amore until this post. Thanks for the pop culture update. Still, it makes me frustrated that money gets poured into those crappy shows when people like my sister are struggling to pay for diabetes (type I) supplies since her insurance has run out (she can’t work due to other health complications along with her diabetes and is trying to get disability). Don’t mean to leave with a downer…

Your sister and I have alot in common. Yes, my sedentary lifestyle is partly because my blood sugars are exhausting to manage. My insurance recently ran out, I am in the process of applying for disability (I also have multiple health complications), and I have trouble paying for supplies and medication that I need to live.

My doctor advised me to go to the websites of the Pharmecutical companies that manufacture my medications and supplies, so that I could research how to get forms to fill out to qualify for free products. There aparently is help if one qualifies, so I am going to look into it. Also I started to research a Health insurance company called HumanaOne (I went to their web site, looked it over, they called me the next day…didn’t have to commit to anything - they give you a phone number to call after you have compared plans, thought it over, and want to get back in touch with them. I’m still thinking it over.)

Anyway, I am glad that I found this web comunity where I can talk to and share thoughts with people who’s lives are touched by diabetes. My blog entries are random and intentionally filled with humor (or at least I try) and sarcasm, because it is a great release. I take my diseases very seriously, along with my beliefs in how Healthcare in America needs to change, and how celebrities like Halle Berry and Brett Michaels don’t use the power of their voices to be advocates for diabetes, which they both have suffered from for years!

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I will post a new one this weekend, and if you haven’t read my first blog entry, “The ups and downs of Diabetes”, that’s out there too.