More travel anecdotes

1. Sitting next to a (morbidly obese) couple at a cafe I went for breakfast I heard them ask about a buffet. I hadn't realized there was a buffet and wondered if it would have been cheaper than what I ordered. I was shocked to hear it was twice as much! Then I realized why as I watched the couple eat probably the equivalent of 4 breakfasts each and then go for dessert! Yikes! That's why the cost - people order buffets to binge eat!

2. I was very surprised to see something for the first time in an airport bathroom: A sharps container! Wow!

3. The woman in the seat next to me is a Type 1 (and CDE). Cool!

I NEVER eat at all you can eat places and I NEVER order the buffet.
I find that it is a fail safe way to get me to over eat. You keep thinking you need to get your moneys worth, The food is generally lesser quality anyway.
My daughter always wants to go to those Binge restaurants but I get the veto power.

I've seen may sharps in bathrooms esp in airports,I'm glad they are there even though I don't use syringes,

We went out to breakfast the other day and had a similar experience. My parents have started using "lose it" and pretty much nobody, even the teenager, ate all of the enormous heapings of food they gave us. I can't avoid buffets when I visit my in-laws as they always include buffets on their addenda. Fortunately, most of them have sashimi so I do ok.

They had an announcement at work about "sharps containers on the main campus" although I didn't see any when I was there recently.

We have an oriental buffet restaurant locally that I love. We go on Saturday nights sometimes when they have a raw bar (oysters, clams, mussels), some wonderful plain steamed veggies, sashimi, duck with no sauce, and of course lots of super-carby options. I'm always amazed to see people loading their plates with rice & noodles when there's good stuff instead LOL

Went to the Ohio State Fair Sunday afternoon, Saw the most amazingly and disgustedly decadent food booths you could imagine: chocolate covered bacon,hamburgers made with glazed Krispy Kreme donuts instead of buns, everything deep fried and coated, such as candy bars, Oreos, even macaroni and cheese.. I WANTED TO PUKE JUST LOOKING AT THE FOOD!!.. Yet there were a few people in the lines ordering it. I did give in to a basket of fried vegetables with ranch dressing on the side. Though I adjusted and tested extensively,( not wearing my CGM: since retirement and lowered Insurance coverage, the sensors are for out of town trips only) And Although I adjusted and tested frequently, dual bolussed, and checked throughout the night.. still woke up to a bg of 193..Grrrrr!! I have got to avoid those salty, starchy ,greasy, taste so good (to me) tempters. Yet I know some People may find that choice just as disgusting as the aforementioned Sweet deep fried food.....
BTW, God forgive me;but the scantily clad full-figured"People of Walmart": (You know the email photos).. Came to the fair in full-force and they were the majority in every buffet line. I know that are many people who are morbidly obese through no fault of their own because they have multiple medical issues..but that did not appear to be the case from the eating behaviors I witnessed on Sunday.

Hope you are having a fun safe trip, Zoe!!! How was it going through the screenings?

God Bless,

Brunetta, I'm on the NJ State fair Home and Hobby Committee, so I've been at the fair almost every day for a few years now. Last year the tempura vegetable vendor wasn't there and I was disappointed, but in the back of my mind I thought, ok, good, that takes away one temptation. The only other thing I love to eat there is the gyro. I try to split one with someone and not eat the bread.

Thursday's the baking competition and I will have 3 entries. ironic, the diabetic making cookies. I'm only a judge in the quilting competition, thank goodness!

Congrats Marie. Hope you win, place, as well as show in all your competitions. You have probably already received multile blue-ribbons in the quilting competitions.. Won so many times that you are now a judge!!!

God bless,

My carb totals for breakfast, lunch and supper are typically 30, 40 and 60 grams respectively. I might consider an 80+ gram meal for a special occasion, like a birthday or a Christmas dinner. But I wouldn't overindulge just for the sake of it. I know I'll pay for it later, unfortunately.

Thanks, Brunetta. I had an amazing trip! It was to Tampa for the wedding of a friend of 46 years who I hadn't seen in 33! Very emotional.

I "reported back" in a separate thread about the screenings: Piece of cake! Though I had made the decision already that I would go through the full body scanners since many others have with no problems to their pumps. That's all there was at both Sacramento and Tampa and I really wasn't willing to get felt up! I told them I had a pump, then went through with no beeping. They had me take out my pump and put my hands around it, then they swabbed my hands and tested it in a machine which took only a couple minutes and I was good to go. Very polite all around.

Here's the only stressful part to the trip: I got up this morning in my Sacramento motel and was 58, so I just took one glucose tab as when I treat and then eat I usually go high. I'd stayed there a few times a few years ago and remembered a nice Mexican restaurant for breakfast right down the street so I just headed out. Well the Mexican restaurant had morphed into a barbecue place which wasn't open for breakfast (barbecued eggs?) so I kept driving down this quiet frontage road looking for another breakfast place and all of a sudden I'm in downtown Sacramento during rush hour! It was like a shot of adrenaline or speed! Remember I'm not a morning person to begin with: one way 5 lane streets, freeway entrances at every turn looking to capture you and send you flying off to LA or Portland, "right turn only" onto bridges over the Sacramento River - I'm not fond of bridges. YIKES! When I finally sat down at a table for breakfast I was still in the 50s and stressed to the max!

Oh yeah, and at the gate they asked who wanted to check their bags for free because the flight was full and I was very sick of dragging my heavy bag so I started to hand it over and then remembered and redeemed my insulin and pump supplies to put in my computer bag so they were on the plane with me. I haven't been doing much traveling since I started insulin (for other reasons) and traveling with D is not for the faint of heart. And yet...I love to travel and would still pick up and go anywhere anytime if finances allowed. I guess that's what they mean by living your life despite D!

Yeah, the very thought of over-eating pretty much nauseates me. Actually in the past when I had no dietary restrictions when I went to a buffet I always thought in terms of getting "my money's worth" by eating the more expensive items like salmon, shrimp, etc. - why fill up on mashed potatoes??

Scary driving adventure, Zoe! I'm the same way in big city rush hour traffic. And I'm not fond of bridges either...especially the kind that you can't see over the top to the other side. I have nightmares about those kinds of bridges.

Every time I have to drive to our nearest big city, it seems I run low. And I've missed my exit before and ended up on the bridge and over to the west bank in a panic. It really rattles me... I love to travel but those mega-lane interstates get me every time.

I'll be flying in October for the first time since I started pumping and I'm definitely a little apprehensive already although this trip will start and finish through small airports so hopefully the scanner won't be an issue.

That's me, Zoe, So like you:..."I love to travel and would still pick up and go anywhere anytime if finances allowed. I guess that's what they mean by living your life despite D!"

God Bless,

This was my first trip since pumping too, and I was also apprehensive which is why I started the other thread about flying. After looking at everyone's perspective I made my own decisions about how I'd handle it, including accepting the body scanners as something I was ok with. With that decision made it went so much smoother than I could have imagined.

There really isn't much on a regular Restaurant menu that is worth the money if one is trying to eat low carb. I prefer the Buffets where one can choose.
Happy trails Zoe!

Really? Breakfast seems easy to me in restaurants with "hold thes" of course (one woman was shocked I didn't want both potatoes and bread since both came "with"!Other meals less so, but that's because I'm a vegetarian - if not then plain meat or fish with vegies or salad would seem ideal. But then I guess it depends how low carb one is, because the lower you go the more a couple carbs here or there can put you over the limit.