More Updates to the Soap Opera I Call My Life

Since the last time I blogged, there have been a few “glitches” in my walk through everyday life.

I’m still struggling with an infinitely stubborn administration and their darn policies. I have had to give up my right to charge my chair in my own room because of their stupid “policies.” I now have to battle with some know-it-all security men who don’t know beans about my chair. One stated that he wouldn’t charge it when the power indicator read full. I told him that he had no right to do that and then told him that, since I used the chair plenty that day, it wasn’t his right to assume that more power was needed to be replaced. Then I heard them bringing it back to my room at 4:30 saying that it was fully charged. I ripped into them again about it being MY machine and I would decide how long it would charge. Huh!!

I recently found out that I DO have a torn rotator cuff. They did a CT Arthrogram. On top of that pain and restrictions, I developed a severe case of pain all down the arm and specially in the wrist and thumb. I can’t even llift things (light) or twist my wrist to feed myself! NO, I’m not getting skinnier!! The left wrist already needs surgery. I guess they could just put me on a table and throw a scapel and cut any spot where it lands!! I have an appointment with the orthopod on Thurs., 1/13, to see what is happening. He wouldn’t do surgery on the shoulder uhtil he found out about the severe pain in my right wrist. I had a CT scan on that one two weeks ago tomorrow but they weren’t good pictures because I couldn’t lift my arm over my head so they could shoot it in the position on my abdomen! But, I CAN’T lift my arm over my shoulder!!! :frowning:

Last month, my check to Milwaukee County for my co-pay bounced. $1,237. My $800 deposit crossed my check within probably minutes!! Of course, the stingy old bank wouldn’t give me the benefit of a doubt. GRRRRRRRRRRR!! So now, they want me to get a “payee” who will handle my expenses. NO WAY!! I’m not turning over my money to ANYONE!! Besides, I don’t know anyone locally who would handle that kind of thing. Now they are saying I am 3 months behind and I know I am not. Two months, yes. (Bad advice.) Plus, the payment I gave to the home was intended to be the CURRENT month and they applied to the back months and now I’m in deep dutch. I cannnot lose this “insurance” and I can’t afford to be “disenrolled” from Medicaid!! I’m so turned around and upset by all this. I’ve been following some very bad advice all along. That’s sort of OK because they said I could make an extra $500/month payment for 6 months to get caught up. Unfortunately, I am not in possession of the $500 for that. BUT I did make the current insurance payment. Whew!! See what a tiny little callus on the foot can lead to? I don’t want to preach, but that’s sort of what this whole boring scenario is all about. As a diabetic, we are all encouraged … nay … required to continue to keep tabs on all parts of our bodies, especially our feet.

Over the months I have been in this looney toon factory, I have been in and out of the hospital about 6 or so times. From mysterious fevers of unknown etiology, chest pains, etc. Now I will have to go through 2 more surgeries: 2 hands and a shoulder. It is so good that you all are remembering me and caring enough to say some prayers for me. I feel like the devil is attacking me from all sides. My faith has taken a collossal beating since this all started. I’m not happy here at all and that fuels me into looking for a way out of here. I have a possibility to move into an apartment with 24/7 nurses aides and, possibly, a roommate. I really don’t want a roommate, but I can’t stand the thought of having to live in a group home with a bedroom the size of a large closet. I’d have to get rid of MORE of my stuff.

The new year is the time that I have to reapply for Medicaid (Title XIX). They reevaluate your financial and medical condition and you either pass or get “disenrolled.” My problem is that I can’t use my apartment rental or utilities to qualify for Medicaid. Without these deductions, they would readjust my co-pay and I will have to get rid of everything I’ve been handling in the past months: storage of furniture, cable TV, telephone, cell phone, Catherine’s charge, etc. etc. The only way to get out of this is to move VERY, VERY, VERY soon to an apartment. Now, finding one is goiing to be a big problem. DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY ACCESSIBLE APARTMENTS in Milwaukee County that they can “shoehorn” me into?

Now’s the time to end this missive. I want to wish all my friends (and non-friends) a very good new year. May we all be safe from the power of disease or encouraged to slog through it all. LOVE YA ALL!!!

happy new year’s to you too and I hope everything works out for you this year

Hi Lois. I hope 2011 brings you Good Luck in Abundance, including finding that apartment.

The Lincoln Crest Apartments are accessible (at least, I’ve seen people in chairs around the complex). Don’t know about availabilities, but you could call. They’re in West Allis.

Sorry, here’s link:

You’ve got me after posting this - going off to take care of my tootsies. I’m really bad during the winter time for checking on my feet - as they’re always incased in thick wool socks to keep them warm (I keep the house a 60F during the daytime to save on power). Hoping that you can “shoehorn” yourself into a place to help beef up the Medicaid (Title XIX) for you. Sending ((( hugs ))) to you my friend! don’t know if this link to your state’s medicaid program will be useful or not. this lnk for limited free cell phone service may or may not be helpful also:
Hang in there.