More WISE MEN passed this way

When you are little sitting on grandmas knee listening to her talking to you telling how it was when she was my age the World is a wonderful place,grandad looked after his pigeons and chickens well until it was time for tea sadly the chickens were not pets not as I looked upon them and when grandad cooked me pigeon eggs my World was complete wish I was there now sitting on grandma’s knee or sitting at the table while grandad cooked me breakfast,I soon realised the chickens were not pets when I saw one running around headless grandpa picked me up gave me a cuddle and took me inside he sat me down and told me chickens were food he looked after them until it was time for them to leave, it kinda made it feel better,Grandad passed away first then grandma some years later I must have been 9 or 10 when she passed away wish I could remember more.

Mom was very young when I was born and like my wife and I when we had our first child knew nothing about babies except how to make them,but grandma with her vast experience and lots of children of her own took me under her wing,those memories those ties run deep in my blood,so diabetes eat your heart out,times were hard very hard but everyone pulled and in the same direction not like today everyone for him or herself not all I admit but most,grandma and grandpa never locked their doors they knew everone in the street I do not know my next door neighbours surname have things change for the better you tell me.

I have photos of grandmas children me a toddler them well some of them in there teenage years no idea what they were called in those days teenager is such a modern word or is it you tell me,sometimes I have flashes of distant memories my Angel and I were watching a programme on hop picking last night and I commented I can recall sitting in the hop net playing with hops while nan grandad mom and dad were working the memory is vague and I wish really wish I could remember more it was then my Angel told me she went hop picking when she was young I never knew that you can live together nearly 50 years and not know things about the Angel you share your life with.

It must have been crowded in grandma’s house with all her tribe and mom dad and me living there as well,were any of them diabetic no idea all I know some of there genes rush through my body do genes rush anywhere now that is an interesting story,for those who have never heard of hops they go into beer making and other things,see you learn something new everyday well that is what my eldest son keeps telling me dad learn something new everyday and you will never be bored not sure if that is true as I get bored out of my skull some days.
Time to wonder off let smudge out have some dinner mind you a bit late for that might wait until tea hope you stayed to the end if you did thanks if you got bored stiff sorry