Morning highs!

Hi, Hope you can help. I am on shots (humulog & Lantus Glargine) and am frequently having highs after breakfast that stabalize around lunchtime. It doesnt feel as easy as upping short acting as still high but just come down quicker late morn. Any advice really welcome?

Pre-bolus earlier :slight_smile:

Thanks to wearing a CGM I can say with a lot of certainty that I can pre-bolus quite a lot sooner than the 10-20 minutes that is recommended… like 45 minutes. I usually get up in the morning, take my synthroid, deal with the kids getting their breakfast and make their lunches for school, bolus for my breakfast, and then wait a while before I eat.

Second to that, maybe re-evaluate what or how much you have for breakfast. I can’t eat a lot of food before about 11am or I will go high (200+ and stay there for quite a while). If I keep breakfast light, I do much better. A light breakfast for me might be an egg on whole wheat toast with coffee, or half a cup of plain yogurt with fresh fruit… I could eat more than that, and sometimes do, but I can’t overdo it on the fat and protein either or that will give me great #'s after breakfast but a huge spike before lunch. It’s frustrating, but that’s life. My carb limit for breakfast is about 45g… most of the time I stay around 30g.

I usually have a mid-morning snack too… so I’m not starving myself :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

I have pretty severe dawn phenonmenon, which continues for hours after I wake, & here’s what helped me.

As Sarah said, bolus earlier. Experiment by testing frequently with different timing to see what works. You may also need to increase your morning dose. My morning I:C ratio is much lower than for other meals, but that might not work for you without causes lows.

I inject (not on a pump) & eat as soon after waking as possible. Delaying breakfast makes my BG soar.

My breakfast is basically just protein. It’s the only way I can keep morning numbers down. At first I didn’t want to eat essentially no carbs at breakfast, but I feel better & it keeps me from being hungry until lunch. I also drink decaf coffee because caffeine sends me high, especially in the morning.