Morning Lantus

Marty started with adding a morning Lantus shot this week. He has been riding really high for the last couple of weeks. We changed his ratio from 1:15 to 1:10 (1 per 10gr. of carbs). We also added in a morning shot of Lantus. He takes 2 units now in the morning to go with the 17 he takes at night. I know most people only take Lantus once a day, but as soon as we moved Kelsey to a split shot it helped her numbers tremendously. I think the same will be true for Marty. He is starting to come down quite a bit and he is staying even. He’s on the right path. I took some pictures of him this morning testing and taking his morning Lantus. I caught him leaving his needle uncovered. A big no no and as I teased him about it, he just gave me a look, proceeded to take his shot and went back off to bed. How dare I speak to him so early in the morning. It was 9am. He has settled into the summer “sleep in” very well.

Pictures are at The DiabeticDuo

yeah, it seems like Lantus wears off way before 24 hours.

I had to split my Lantus dose and when I switched to Levemir I split the dose. More in the morning and less at bedtime. Works very well…no matter what they say they are not a 24 hr. duration for most people. I am glad his numbers are coming down. Best wishes.

Add me to the list of split basal users (first Lantus & now Levemir), something I learned here. I take more at night because of whacko dawn phenonmenon.

Good to hear Marty’s doing better.