Morning Sickness

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow. Here i was smirking to myself that I wasn’t having any morning sickness or feeling pregnant, and now it’s hit full force. :frowning:

Not throwing up yet, but if this continues, I may be.

Any tips on handling the nausea and blood sugars. Eating is just about the last thing on my mind… at the moment… but of course, that isn’t an option! And I shall have to force myself…

The only thing that appeals just now is sipping iced water…

I had some major morning sickness when I was pregnant with my twins (double the amount of hormones!!!). Honestly, eating crackers or something along those lines REALLY did help me. Whenever I started to feel that feeling, I ate a few crackers.

Are you on a pump? I am, so I had the flexibility to put off eating a meal until I was feeling up to it

My morning sickness was gone by the 2nd trimester, even with the twins, so you should be feeling better in a month or so! :slight_smile:

Warm Wishes and Congratulations!!!

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