So I live in Michigan and love spending time outside in the summer… but since my Dx, I have noticed I have a crazy amount of mosquito bites. I mean I sit down and they just almost start to swarm me! Compared to my friends, I have a significantly higher amount…

So I was wondering… do mosquitos like my sugary diabetic blood more than the average non-diabetic person?

Does anyone else have an overwhelming amount of mosquito bites?

Oooooh yes! When I go to Latvia where there is a particular mosquito problem owing to the rivers and lakes, my mother can get away with just a couple of bites, but I who am diabetic suffer terribly! I do not know if it is about the sugar in my blood or what!

Yes, mosquitos live for diabetics. I get chigger bites way more often than others as well. I also hate wearing mosquito repellant so I try just putting it on my clothes and then some sun screen on the skin helps keep them away.

Mosquitos loved biting me before I had diabetes… and they love biting me afterwards too.

DEET is the answer. DEET is good stuff.