Most carbs you ever had in a single meal?

Today I had the largest carb meal I have had since taking control of my diabetes and getting on the pump. I bolused for 85g of carb which is 25g more than my usual large meals would have.

It got me thinking, what is the largest amount of carbs in a single meal you have either taken a shot to cover or bolused with your pump to cover?

About 90 in a single meal. I just had to enjoy a most decadent dessert :wink: . My diet is fairly high carb - I just make sure I take enough insulin to cover the carbs, almost always using a dual-wave bolus.

120 grams not to long ago. It was for a spanish rice dish with ground turkey. I was really hungry and had three cups of the stuff. Yes, it was good. Probably not the smartest thing I have done with the D, but oh well. I did stay on target though up through the five hours post (stopped checking after that). At least it was whole grain rice! LOL!

When I was first diagnosed just a few months ago, I would consistently have more than 100 carbs per meal. I rarely do that now, but when I see a sugary snack that I REALLY want, I’ll do whatever it takes to have it.

wow…i feel like a pig now…i have (on more than one occaision) eaten an entire medium size dominos pizza…by myself…

Rick, how I want to do that. Pizza just screws me up way to much. I have to stick with a couple of slices and only from Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch is easier for me to bolus for and keep in range. All the other ones I can be high for 9 or 10 hours later. I am not saying that I hit it on the head all the time, but 60% isn’t so bad when compared to the other places and I am like 10 or 20 percent.

188g! Holy crap! No wonder I was high for 7 hours!!!

Oh god.

Maybe it’s because i’m a teenager :frowning: and I have no real self control… and I love bread >_<;;;

On average my meals are usually 70-100 carbsish.

However i’ve been known to go out and party… or go to a very big dinner and had to bolus for 170-200 carbs… >_>;;;;

Though I find some foods (usually rhe higher in fat foods) I have to give myself more. My ratio is 1 unit : 10 Carbs. So sometimes when I get chinese food I have to go with 14 units of insulin, when realistically if i was to stick to that ratio it would probably only be like… 10-11 units of insulin.

I eat bread every morning for breakfast for years now, it’s always 100 gr of carbs. Not to speak of what would be my max amount…

I’ve eaten about 130g before…but in my defense I was at a really nice buffet and needed to get my moneys worth! Oh and they had a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN for you to dip fruit and other sweets in. Yes, that’s right, that’s probably where the majority of the carbs came from haha.

About a 150. That was at Thanksgiving.

when i first saw the number 85 in your post, i thought… “i’m not going to answer that one” but the other answers have made me feel like i’m not that far off. i have topped out at about 120 - 130g. that happens on small occasion when i have a decent dessert. (at times, it’s worth it!)

Part of why I try to stay around 60g of carb for a meal is because of weight management. I am by no means a low carber! I would love nothing more than to eat like I use to when I didn’t take care of myself at all but I weighed over 220 pounds back then and was gaining. So for me it is about not gaining back the 70lbs I have lost.

I have done about 80g in a single meal. That was soon after I was diagnosed and the nurse told me I could eat what I wanted; just be sure to cover the carbs. I soon learned that my body reacts badly to large doses of insulin. After a few roller coaster rides with my BG, I found that the most I can do in a single meal is 60g of carb but I don’t eat near that limit often.

Breakfast is always 40g of carb or less. Lunch and dinner I usually eat between 40 and 50g of carb.

I hardly ever eat less than 115 grams for lunch/dinner. When I was on MDI (and not testing much or counting any carbs) I would eat two Classic Triple meals from Wendys at a time (110 gr. each so 220 total). Probably my highest ever was when I finished a large thick crust pizza with hard stick thick peperoni and anchovies from a local pizza place. I couldn’t count the carbs of that even if I wanted to since they are a very small business and have no nutritional info. Considering what most delivery pizza places show about their pizzas it was probably in the 300s easy.

I must have a really good metabolism or something because I am only 2 pounds over the doctor recommended weight for my height and sex. I never think about limiting my carb intake when I eat, only the fat intake (since it screws with blood sugar so much).

oh, i am the same. i stick around 50 per meal… on average. that was just the number that was generally what i ate - so it stuck… but there are times though…

I actually get most of my calories from fat and I’m not overweight nor do I have a cholesterol problem. I dd gave a high cholesterol when I had a high carb diet.

DN usually has 65 or sometimes 70 grams for dinner (she’s 12) because she likes dessert. Dinner is her highest carb meal. Dessert often can be fruit, but fruit has a lot of carbs in it. She now likes to have a snack a few hours after dinner, which could be 30 grams. She had 120 grams (over two hours) at a street fair, but because she was walking around it did no damage. I would say about 100 is the highest we have ever given around Thanksgiving, if she has pie or if we make brownies, etc. Carb loading is not always a problem high BS wise, since the higher bolus has more power and often we have to watch for lows later. Don’t like waiting out huge doses of insulin, as her DIA is four and a half to five hours on Novolog.

Boy I wish I had your metabolism! I would love to eat carbs like you can!

I told my wife about this topic and what my reply was. She asked me if I was kidding because I bolused for a lot higher than 120 carbs. She said you did 200 once or twice a couple of years ago. She said I was pizza crazy. I remembered it after we talked about it. Only thing I can say, it must be my age.