Most of what I know about using a Dexcom


I’ve blogged a lot about using the Dexcom. And I get questions about it.

So this evening I wrote a long blog post that summarizes most of what I know about the Dexcom.

Let me know if I missed something or if you’ve got questions about this system.


Great information. Thanks. I started wearing the Dexcom 3 in February and I’m going the switch to the 7 next month. I get about 14 days’ use. With the 3, all I do is start the readings up again when the 3 days is over. I don’t even remove the transmitter! And, it’s been fine. I’m interested to know how you re-start the 7 after the 7 days is up. Obviously, Dexcom becomes more affordable when you get the most out of the sensor, and this is a big price increase from 3 to 7 day sensors. Thanks again, Peter



If you let the sensor time out (after 7 days), then you do much the same as with the Dexcom 3. Click through the 1-hour, 3-hour, and 9-hour screens. Then press and hold and you’ll get an animated screen that shows a finger inserting the transmitter into the sensor with an OK? message. Press that and after 2 hours you’ll get the usual prompt.

If you don’t wait for the timeout, but want to restart slightly early then you have to click through all the screens, press and hold and then click through all the setup screens until you get to an animated screen that looks like someone pitching a sensor in the trash. Click that and then follow the first set of directions.

I’ll blog post this later with some videos, so it’s clearer what the sequence looks like.