Motivating videos

Im considering making a weekly series of motivating videos about life with diabetes and different topics. Below is a tenative weekly schedule about some of the topics I'll be discussing and providing motivating ideas to help a person dealing with those issues.

So really, what are people weaknesses? What makes you lose all hope? What concerns do you have? I really want to know- ill add them to the line

So far the line up looks like:

introduction to me, then:

1. being diagnosed- the initial fears

2. Being diagnosed- adapting to your new life

3. Being diagnosed- on your own, fears

4. being diagnosed- survival skills

5. growing up- fitting in

6. growing up- gaining indepence

7. growing up- making life-impacting choices

8. college- finals, stress

9. college- fitting in

10. college- what not to do, what to do

11. relationships- friends

12. relationships- family

13. relationships- coworkers

14. relationships- significant other and his/her family

15. giving up- frustration with blood sugars

16. giving up- frustration with shots/pump

17. giving up- frustration with lows

18. giving up- frustration with highs

19. giving up- frustration with lab work/complications

20. giving up- frustration with diabetes police

sounds really cool, maybe add diabetes burnout, mourning old life, figuring out what to eat(the trial and error of it all), ability not to beat yourself up with numbers (a1c or sugar), motivating yourself to do everything, learning to take small steps to your bigger goal

Good ideas! Ill add those to the list. I’ll start recording these this week.