Any tips for staying motivated ??!!
I'm really down right now .. I have to get re motivated so please feel free to share whatever u do to stay motivated ...

I have always had hobbies outside of diabetes (and message boards...LOL). When I was dx'ed, I was 16 and was into various things, then went to college and was in rock bands and into a lot of partying. Now that I'm old, perhaps I was fortunate to survive but I switched gears. I did sort of low key, family things for a while, then reading but then had a mid-life crisis and have added exercise to my list of things to do. I started out doing Tae Kwon Do which was a great fit for me. The incremental progress through the belts allowed me to see that I was getting stronger, more coordinated and more flexible as I progressed. I started running in conjunction with that (at age 40...eek...). I stopped TKD when I moved but have kept running since then and it's been very helpful to provide motivation to keep diabetes on a short leash.

WOW !! You have done everything ! I wish i could eventually turn out to be as perfect as you are .. thanks for replying :D

LOL, I'm not perfect, that's for sure. I gained a lot of weight from 1985 (college) through 2004-5 (when I started to work out...) slowly but steadily. My BG was ok but I did a lot of pretty dangerous things too and am by no means perfect. I still drink perhaps more than the ADA recommends and certainly more than Dr. Bernstein advocates but, so far, very minimal evidence of complications after 28 years of T1.

I have not let diabetes get in the way of much but am not a big swimmer as it's more trouble than it's worth w/ all the stuff plugged into my abdomen. Still, I know Jen has blogged quite a bit about her experience swimming so it's not impossible but it's certainly evidence I'm not perfect. A big thing I learned in martial arts is that it's not important to "get there" but important to keep pushing yourself to improve. Diabetes offers a TON of data and, if you can figure out how to use it, you can feel like you've done a great job. It's very challenging but a good number is great and you can still "win" with a number that's not where you want it by fixing it well and then again by figuring out where it came from and working to beat it next time.

My motivation is my children. I want to be around a while for them.

You're still perfect to me ! You have done a great job .. I don't know about me getting at ur place anytime soon .. today i just ruined everything after the silliest argument with my parents .. to me the problem is that diabetes or eating to be more precise is directly linked to emotions .. i feel happy i over eat i get sad i overeat i get mad i overeat ... even before i became diabetic i also did the same thing that's why i've always had a weight issue ..but now with diabetes it is just like hell ! but then again somedays i am strong but many others i'm just not !

God bless them for you .. sometimes my motivation is becoming able to have children at the first place .. I LOve kids !!

my motivation is in part sometimes similar to acidrocks-i want to be able to do all the fun physical stuff and do it well. i was skiing this weekend and had a fabulous time. i hadnt skiied (god what is the past simple spelling of "to ski"?) since before my D diagnosis, so had to check loads, and boy do a couple of good runs hammer that bs down. it was pretty awesome and i got to eat a whole pizza at an italian restaurant apres ski. and had a couple of glasses of wine AND shared a dessert with a friend.
i want to be able to do my dance classes and memorise the choreographies and enjoy myself-and not be made to go up to the front of the class with the instructor, like a numpty-just because im low.
i want to go mountain biking with friends and not have them think they have to worry about me, thinking THEYLL need to take care of me. i dont want that burden/responsibility on anyone but me.
i want to be able to travel to places ive never been to before, knowing ive got my D under control so its one less thing i have to worry about.
this week i was sick and it was the first time my bg went all out of whack from illness-had to double my tdd-very scary turning up that insulin pen higher and higher for less and less carbs. whereas a couple of months ago having to add extra insulin because of changing needs made me feel out of control, now i know im really in control, and its the best feeling i can have (from diabetes).

I suppose its not wanting to be a burden on anyone and to be able to do what I want without anything stopping me, like feet hurting or eyes not seeing, that sort of thing.
Pretty mundane, but just thinking of not being able to read or do my own housework creeps me out.