Mouse Humor

As I’m sure EVERYONE knows by now, yesterday was Nikki’s 6th Liveabetes Anniversary. Keeping in line with the silliness of Nikki was something that might only really be appreciated by a T1 and his/her family. We are getting ready to go to the movies to finish up our Liveabetes celebration (Monsters vs. Aliens, completely hysterical!) when Nikki randomly busts out laughing. Yes, I know that this is not all that unusual, but she was laughing so hard it did catch my attention.

Before I tell you why she was laughing, I must point out that the day before was ‘site change’ time. In case that doesn’t make sense: site change is when we take out the old site that is in her skin, as well as the current insulin cartridge in her pump and replace them with new ones. I insert a new site, usually in her tummy because that’s her current favorite site position, about every 3 days. Once the new one is in, she takes out the old one and throws it away.

This time, she forgot to take out the old site; which means, that she walked around for a little over 24 hours with multiple sites in her tummy and didn’t know it. She bumped into something (another Nikki thing – bumping into things) and thought she felt something weird, she lifted up her sweatshirt and busted out laughing; then showed everyone in the house. Now that may not sound too funny to many of you, but we all thought it was hysterical. We find humor in the strangest things, but it was a really good laugh!

dont worry, I do that too but on purpose just incase the new site fails and my bg rises really fast I have the old working site to fall back on until i am able to put yet another site in