Mouth problems now!

Hi gang! I haven't been here for a long time but I'm at a loss about this.

I'll try to make it short and sweet. It started with a canker sore in my lower lip. Treated that myself and it went mouth was pretty much healed but now it's flared up again but it's in my upper lip this far as I can tell there's nothing like a canker sore but it's just irritated, like if I ate too much salt or something. I had told the Dr. about it the last time I was there and he said to use mouth wash 1/2 and 1/2 with water because the mouth wash would be too strong. No kidding, burns like all heck.

My mouth is getting better again, a little tender and sore but I'm getting fed up with it. Actually it's inside my UPPER lip this time.

I'm having a lot of family problems.....I don't have a family of my own, but with my 1/2 sister/biological mother......going to be spending Thanksgiving all by myself and I feel like I'm going to explode. I'm crying ALL of the time, my bsl's stink and I've just had it with stuff!! This just only aggravates everything else. Then I I have cancer??? OMG!!! It is only my inner lip so I don't get it.

Thanks in advance and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone.

Thank you so much Judith! :) You've made me feel much better. I was on an anti-biotic for over 2 yrs. bcs I got MRSA while I was in the hospital after having open-heart surgery. It seems since I've stopped the AB, that different probs have cropped up. I told that to the disease spec. last time and she (jokingly) said that maybe she should keep me on it.....actually just what I was thinking. I do have a probiotic and I'm going to start taking it FAITHFULLY. It seemed to all start from me eating some SF popsicles that had ice on them....I thought maybe the ice kind of cut my mouth or irritated it...but I did have a canker sore which is now gone. It seems like something irritated my upper lip now. It is feeling much better but I have to watch what I eat which I do anyway. I've never had this b4 so that's why I just HAD to come in here and see if anyone else had this same problem. I've read everything on mouth sores or irritation, etc. but NONE of them applied so I was really confused. Will keep track for sure. Thank you so very much. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thanks again Judith. I don't know if I could handle "strict" I have a hard enough time trying to just eat right to begin with. I feel so deprived as it is. A frustration my doc can't relate to. There are SO many foods that I can't afford OR can't eat that a "good" for I feel like why even bother eating......or I go overboard and just don't care on some days.

Anyway, all the best to you and yours also. Pam :)

Pam....I'm happy I came upon this. You are not alone. I am VERY prone to canker sores.
I too did some of the sores were horribly huge....and oh my gosh...SO SO SO painful. My dentist reassured me that it is not cancer....but he did not seem to know what caused them. I read that stress may be a cause....that fits, as there's no lack of THAT in my life. It usually occurred when there was trauma to my gums...but not always. Trauma such as biting your cheek...or hitting your gums with a utensil...on if my tooth brush slipped and the hard part hit my gums...or going to the dentist. Sometimes the dentist is a tad quick with his movements, and can poke your gums. As well, I...along with many people with diabetes, have a rather acidic level as opposed to may be a contributing factor.
Best wishes....linda

Hi Linda, thank you for your response and I sure hope you are doing well. I hope that you aren't having any mouth problems anymore! You would think that a dentist would be more careful esp. with someone that has diabetes.

Just wanted to say a very belated "HI" and glad to meet you.

Hugs, Pam

Hey everyone! I am in tears as I write this because I am STILL having problems with my mouth. :( I have tried mouthwash 1/2 and water 1/2.....burns too bad and seems to irritate more than anything. It gets better, like 99% but then something I eat will irritate it again. It's more the lining of my cheeks and lips than my gums. I do have a couple of sore spots in my gums by the corner bottom teeth that stick out more than the others...i don't know dentistry so don't know what they are called....but I've been told that I don't brush there properly. That was YEARS ago. Since then I have tried to make sure I show those places special attention. I know that salt or salty food irritates my mouth more but I don't eat a lot of salt! I steer clear of them. Ketchup can burn a bit if I eat least right now while they are kind of puffy and inflamed again. There is NO redness that I can see. I was at an appt. yesterday and my mouth got dry and kind of "waxy" (not sure how else to describe it)....and I had a hard time talking. Was making me kind of anxious. I had a 2nd mint and then in a bit I realized it was gone! It comes and goes and my mouth gets better and then something messes it up again. My nasal passages also seem to feel "odd".....I have a lot of allergies and my nose constantly runs and has done that for years.

Now I am getting scared and I have NO dental ins. whatsoever!! I am on disability for cancer and open-heart surgery among other things so all I have is Medicare. I cannot afford to go to one because of my limited income. I have rinsed my mouth with 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 water...doesn't seem to do anything. I have taken a cotton swab and applied peroxide around in my mouth and on my gums.....I'm totally at a loss. This has been going on since summer when I first ate those SF popsicles. I'm not eating any sweetener today to see if I have become allergic to that. This is driving me mad and I have enough health problems already and personal things to deal with. I was all alone on Thanksgiving due to an argument with my half-sister and I have no one else around here except her and my birth mother that I do NOT get along with because she is a very damaged person and can be very cruel. MY MOM was NOT like that! I lost her in 1983, my Dad as well, 5 months later. I am going to be alone for CHRISTmas as well.

I am just really scared about my mouth. I have a dr. appt. on Jan. 9th. I have looked up everything I can look up and I cannot find anything that fits my symptoms! It's all about "gum" disease but this is the lining of my mouth and lips mostly. No bleeding at all.

Thanks for letting me talk. I have NO ONE to talk to except a couple of very good friends I met on FB....wonderful ladies but it's not's typing. I love them dearly and thank God for them. I'm tired of having to deal with everything alone and being scared. I told my therapist yesterday that I really want to tell my dr. that he has NO idea of all of the DAILY things I go thru. Things I have to deal with that I've never even told him about bcs I have SO many problems already that he has to try to take care of when I go. As I'm sure you can tell, I also have depression. That's neither here nor there with this mouth issue!

God bless you all and Merry CHRISTmas to you!!

Hey.....I just came across information on canker sores today! It is suggested that taking vitamin B12 supplements...and Zinc, help to prevent/alleviated canker sores.