Are sleeping mouth guards safe for diabetics? I fought that I read one that we shouldn’t use them? Is there something else that I can use/do to not chomp on my teeth when I am sleeping?

I don’t see why not. I used to wear one, I just made sure to keep it very clean.

I don’t know why it would not be recommended. I’ve used one for years and haven’t had a problem.

i have been wearing a mouthguard since high school. never had a problem w/ the exception when i didn’t wear it. i am a really bad teeth grinder and ended up having to have crowns put in, teeth pulled out, implants from where i completely ruined my teeth…just be careful to wash it every morning with soap and water. my dentist recommended i use a fingernail brush, but i find using a good tooth brush works best.

clean clean clean, disinfect disinfect disinfect. good luck.