Moving cross country with type 1 and gastroparesis

So i'm moving cross country driving from California to Florida and i just would like to know if anyone knew any good snacks to eat other than jerky and cheese i'm having trouble digesting that stuff also what i should avoid eating. I was also wondering if there were sites out there to help find a new doctor I've been having a tough time finding any doctor with customer reviews. Also should i check my BS twice as much because i'll be on the road for all that time or just check as normal.

Thanks in advance!

Where in Florida will you land approximately? I really enjoy the Mini Clif Bars, they are around 17 grams of carbs with a good balance of fast acting and slow acting carbs. I do not know what they would do with your gastro paresis, perhaps you could purchase one and test it. When I ride long distances, I will eat half of the Mini bar and stick some between my cheek and gums and just let it dissolve. This seems to help to absorbs the sugars faster than swallowing the whole bar.
I live in Central Florida, welcome to the sunshine state:)


Sorry, I see now that you will be heading to Miami.
I cannot help with any Doc recommendations down there.

Hi Isaac. With respect to testing your BS, I suggest testing often so that you don't risk driving while low. I would keep such things as juice boxes and glucose tabs where you can reach them anytime in case you feel like you're going low. When we're traveling, we drink bought coffee drinks; they don't have to be chilled. Keeping an icebox in the car for insulin (if you use it) and snacks is handy. I always have DanActive (a yogurt drink made by Dannon) at home and traveling to help my stomach--at 14 carbs, it works for lows or just a quick snack. Healthy breakfast bars are a good snack. For a quick meal while traveling, we found Subways to be a good option. Have a good trip!

P.S. I just read your blog saying that you have gastroparesis, but I think my food suggestions are still reasonable. I would definitely carry the ice chest, maybe put in yogurt as well as DanActive. I think that soups would work. You can buy soups (brands such as Pacific) in cardboard containers that can be eaten/drunk straight out of the box, then put any leftover in the ice chest. Btw, I don't have gastroparesis, but definitely have slow digestion and Celiac Disease. While you may not have Celiac, wheat products are more difficult for many people than the alternative grains, so you might consider going at least partly gluten-free. Look for products by Glutino, Udi, Amy's, etc. Best wishes, Trudy

I agree with everything Trudy suggested about testing and preparing for lows. Personally I would just stop often enough to eat real meals and not worry about snacks. It's better nutrition wise, better for your D, you need the rest and to walk a bit after that many hours and it prevents distracted driving which is the cause of most accidents!

i never even thought of letting things like clif bars dissolve in my mouth thanks.

thanks for the advice. I've been so busy packing its hard to plan whats good for me to eat.

Oh hah! My spouse and I did the opposite just a year and a half ago.

I would test every time we took a bathroom break as well as whenever I felt like I was running high or low (luckily I can still feel these, tho). I can't really help with the gastroparesis aspect in regards to suggesting snacks but we took a lot of jerky, cheese (classics!), cut vegetables, quick pick ups (like small boxes of juice), some carb-y bits (rice cakes),trail mix, and nuts.

As far as finding a I feel like it can be hit or miss honestly? Like a doctor could get super awesome reviews online but in person maybe we don't mesh? I usually google the doctor (most will pop up with medical reviews) and see what comes up. And I try to keep in mind that I'm not tied to this doctor for life and if I feel that we're not a good match after the first visit then it is ok to change. Sorry if that is kind of "well, no crap" kind of advice but it took me a while to feel comfortable doing that in all of our moving.

Good luck! And if you go through Iowa on I80 be sure to stop at the 'Worlds Largest Truck Stop':) - it is kind of ridiculous.