Moving forward with your help

I am having a new experience for me, at least new over the last three years. I’m busy. For a long time, due to various health concerns, I fell out of the loop and actually became quite isolated. It felt awful, but now that I am trying to claw my way back into the world I am realizing it was a bigger problem than I thought.

After I had my cataract surgeries and was able to have some vision, I decided it was time to do something besides sit around the house and listening to TV. The first thing that happened was I went to my local DVR office and signed up to pursue some sort of work. I had no idea what that might be, but I knew I could not continue the way things were. I have had to relearn almost everything I spent 55 years learning. I’m still working on all of that. Early on in the process I was able to get hearing aids. This was a godsend as I was about 94% disabled according to the audiologist. Now it is less than 10%. I now have reasonably functioning mechanisms to take in information.

My world had started to shrink before my diagnosis in 2010 due to my unknown type I condition. From that point on, all my social activities decreased steadily until 2013 when I broke my hip and was actually becoming totally blind from the cataracts. This wasn’t normal for me. I used to say “I collect people” to my friends. I love meeting new people with different backgrounds and ways of looking at life. I have always done this. But I found myself unable to participate in conversations and now I can’t drive which severely limits my ability to be out and about in the world. This is the worst part of the complications I have.

Which brings me back to the beginning, working with DVR. I decided that I needed to work from home for any number of reasons. After considering what I felt I could do, my interests and the things I have some passion about, I decided to take a course in coaching. I have already had some training in this regard and I spent over 30 years in management using these techniques to help my employees excel. It is only a small part of what I plan on doing with the rest of my T1 D life, but it is where I am at the moment. And this is where I need your help. One of the requirements for the course is a certain number of hours working with actual clients. Since I seldom see more than a handful of people in a week, making the necessary connections for this has been more than a challenge.

So let me just straight up ask of you for your help in this. I am proposing to provide a sample coaching session obviously free of charge. This will usually be about a half hour to maybe 45 minutes on the phone. If you’re not familiar with it, coaching is not training or teaching. It is a co-creative activity that is strictly about your own agenda and what it is you want to accomplish. It can be about anything at all that seems to have you stuck. A decision to make, a problem to solve, a habit to change it’s up to you.

If you are interested in this and would like to help me you can message me here and we can trade contact information privately. Thanks in advance for your support.