Moving house - how did you cope?

I’ve moved my blog over to a dedicated website now - - and my latest post is about our impending move. I asked a question:

I would love to hear how others manage moving house with being on insulin or other meds. Did you find you had lots more lows than usual (with increased activity)?

I’m sure some of you have stories to tell, as I do!

My husband and I bought a house last year. I’m a pumper and any big activity (walking, moving around alot, etc.) gets my sugars down, and fast. So when we were loading everything up I unhooked completely and just checked throughout the day. We also moved in the middle of the summer and heat will make my sugars go down pretty quickly, too. I stayed pretty normal all day…only one high after lunch that I didn’t correct for because I knew it would come down on its own.

The biggest pain was moving all the medication. We were moving about an hour away and I had to go the day before and move all my insulin and everything else so that it didn’t get hot.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful move.