Moving out

so im seventeen, and alot of people have been asking me to move in with them in a few years...but because my diabetes is unstable, i dont think it would be a good idea, but i dont want to live at home forever...any ideas or advice?

i guess i should specify that i am a bittle diabetic

I would suggest that the term "brittle diabetic" isn't correct? Doctors sometimes use that but I think that a lot of people, particularly following doctors/ CDE/ nutritionist's recommendations can end up "following a plan" that doesn't work? The doctor, etc. then says "you are a brittle diabetic" as if it's not their fault. Part of the problem is that it requires a lot of work just to figure out if your doses are right or wrong and, if your dosage numbers are even a little bit off, your numbers can erupt all over the place.

Re "moving out", I had a few alarming moments for my roomies and they'd call 911 and get me towed in to the shop. When they passed out, they were just drunk. I'm still friends with many of them, 25 years later.

good info, thanks. sadly, i beleive the term brittle fits me to a t. i can go for a walk at the same time every week eating the same things before and after. one day it will be 5.7 the next it could be 22...there is little predictabilaty wityh me. thanks again for the thoughts though and some hope. it could well be that its just a teenager thing. :)

Well 17 years is not even close to forever...I was very unstable at 17 but I did not come down with the Bete's until I was 34. In the 60's It was customary for young people to live at home until they where married. I went to war and was back home before my 22 birthday, did not move out until I was 26, my Mum was not very happy when that day came. If you get along with your parents why move out??? I also see that many of my neighbors children have moved back home because the economy has put their lives on hold. This has brought many family's back together and I believe this will have a positive impact on the community...for me there is God and my family, everything else is optional.

When thinking about things, it sometimes helps to take a sheet of paper and draw two columns. On the left are the "Pros" all the positive things you think will come from moving out. On the right, the "Cons," all the negative things. Write it all down, all the facts and your feelings. Then you can look at it all at once and weigh your options.

I admit, I am old, with a twisted perspective. But I'm not all that clear that I will get my kids (18 and 20 years old) out of the house before they are 30. And I am trying. Life at home is just too good and it is really hard to afford stuff (rent, a car, food) when you are young and don't have a good paying job.

First, the term "brittle diabetic" is not used anymore. T1 diabetes is T1 diabetes. Some folks have complications, some do not. At 17, virtually all T1s are "unstable" (in that their BGs jump around a lot) because of those wicked hormones. Sex hormones, growth hormones, etc...they all wreak havoc on control. It is quite possible that once you get through adolesence and your body settles down (around 20 or 21 probably), your BGs will become easier to control. This doesn't mean diabetes is going away or that it will become a piece of cake...but it should get easier and more predictable.

Moving it (whether you're living alone or with others) is a definite possibility. I lived alone for many years and was fine. Now, this did mean that I had to be more careful. When I lived with people, I would let them know I had T1 and what they should do in an emergency. But I also made sure that I did my best to take care of myself and was as responsible as I could be. It was hard at times, and I was also frequently frustrated that things weren't as "easy" for me as they were for other folks my age, but I managed and am tougher because of it.

Hello Supernesstea:

A bunch of separate issues. In time you WILL move out. Someday for sure.

But you will always be diabetic no matter where you go, no matter when. Staying at home will not protect you from anything, save having new experience(s), growing, changing. It does not matter text book perfect, or crappy control we all face the same exact fears.

Fear does not go away until you look at them closely. When the time is right, you will move out. You are not a diabetic first, you are 17... who also happens to be a diabetic too. Not ready to move good. Stay put, but do not hide.

I remember that my son and his friends were so eager to move out on their own when they were 17. By the time they'd been in college for a couple of years they were just happy to have a place to live. Home was fine. Now they're 25-27 and most of them are still at home because of economic reasons. It seems to work, though, because they're responsible adults. My son is 26 and is a great roommate for the time being. He has his life and I have mine. He'll need to move when he gets a wife and kids, but by then there will be two incomes in his family. Just a note, two of his friends are fortunate to have good paying jobs. They have bought houses, but they need several roommates so they can afford it. SuperNesstea, I hope whatever you decide to do life gives you great opportunities. It helps to have a fall-back plan, though.

thank you for the first hand account. its nice to know there is hope out there. and its good to here things turned out alright for you

I was in your same position. I moved out at 17 and never looked back. Still alive and well with no regrets. I had a few disasters, and put myself in plenty of dangerous situations. I was never completely self - destructive or out of control, though. Things could have gone much worse.

The fact that you're asking means that you have doubts, which means that although you're a lot smarter than I was at that age.

My advice would be, if you don't have a whole lot going on, take some time to seriously try and figure out your D. Read some books. Try changing your diet and insulin. Maybe see a different doctor. It might take a month. It might take a year. Either way, time and effort well spent. Move out when your BG stabilizes and you feel more comfortable. This is what I would do if I had a time machine.

wow. thanks, that makes alot of sense.