Moving Test Strips To New Vial

Odd question, I know, but is there harm to moving test strips into a new vial? I know we are not supposed to take them from their original vial, but does anyone know what harm might be caused if we move them to another vial that originally held the same brand test strips? The reason I might want to do this is that my new BD Logic meter test strips just arrived and the company changed the size of the vial in which the test strips are stored. It is much, much larger than it originally was. My meter case has a place to store the old, small vials and my new, larger vials really don’t fit in the case. Any one else with a Minimed Paradigm using the BD Logic meter experiencing the same thing? I was thinking that I might just hold on to older vials and transfer the strips to them. However, I am a little apprehensive since I have heard/read it’s not a good idea to move test strips from their original vial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve been doing that same exact thing for about a month now. I haven’t had any problems or readings I thought were not accurate.

Whenever my vial of strips gets almost empty, I open a new vial and put the old ones in with the new, as long as the code number is still the same. Never had any problems! Hadn’t even thought maybe I should do that! LOL

Thanks everyone! This makes me happy ;o) I will have to invest in some small stickers to place on the old vials so that I can write the code numbers on them. Unfortunately for me, I had torn off all the old labels so technically, I cannot match up number codes from new to old vials. I hope that still works without problems.

I couldn’t agree more. The new vials are way too big. A customer service rep on the phone told that they are manufactured for the company that took over BD’s test strip business. The BD brand on them will soon be replaced by another name. The rep told me that the new big size container is the result of “marketing research”. They sent me their new case, which was bigger than the old one. I already use a Lifescan case because it was somewhat smaller than the old BD case. I emailed the company, telling them of my dissatisfaction with the change. If anything, the kit should become smaller. I said that they will probably lose me as a customer, to the tune of 44 times 50 test strips every year. They replied to my email to say that they are investigating some sort of compromise between big & small. <<<=== the new makers of the test strips & meters formerly known as BD.

Their Customer Service phone number: 1-800-681-7390.

Thanks for the link. I visited the site and learned that the Max meter actually doesn’t need to be coded. When I called to inquire about a new case from the company, they informed me that the BD logic meter will continue to need coding. bummer. However they did tell me that they will send me a new case that will hold the new, larger vial. I did let them know that I was unhappy with the new vial and they said that they would forward the information along to the correct department. I asked about the strips being moved to a new vial and they (of course) told me it wasn’t a good idea since the strips were not part of the same lot. I understand, but will still try it out. I really prefer to be able to carry 1-3 vials in my case for when I run out. The larger ones simply don’t fit. Thanks again for the help. I urge anyone who is unhappy with the size to call the 800 number above and voice any concerns that you might have. Thanks again!

I can’t stand the new vials. I always move them into the smaller vial. I guess they are making them larger because people with larger fingers were having problems. Maybe they should sand out new cases to fit the new vial. Since I test 9 times a day the strips are not spending that much time in there and I am sure it doesn’t hurt them.


I get my HBA1c done every 3 months by iv

The new vials seem like a waste of material to me. I don’t move strips to a smaller vial, but I do move the last remaining strips to the new vial I open as I am about to deplete the old one.

I just wish there wasn’t so much waste involved in the process… :S
(it’s already bad enough with all the other byproducts)

I received my new case. It was similar in size to my current BD logic case (maybe I had a older, large one since I use the 512 paradigm model pump and have had the case for quite some time). Anyhow, I was a little let down with the case because it didn’t have the extra “sleeve” pocket where I stay thing I do not use often. It did, however, have the exact same mesh pocket as mine. In addition, it had a clever little pocket that I have still not figured out it’s purpose, but it holds a AAA pump battery perfectly! The fit for the test strip vial is a tight one and it really takes away from my ability to place a strip in the meter and do my test without getting blood on the case itself. I don’t think the new case is much of an improvement. And I certainly cannot fit more than the vial I am currently using. That’s a downfall for anyone who tests several times a day as that almost warrants the need for back up vials. I don’t think I’ll use it, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting (in size). One thing that is a positive, the new vials have much larger stickers on them. I peel the stickers off my old, small vials and replace them with the new stickers from the larger vials whenever I transfer strips. I do have to cut them down since the labels are super large, but once transferred the writing is much larger!. So, I can read the code much more clearly even without glasses. At least there is some positive in all of this!

BEWARE! I had the exact same problem with going from the smaller BD vials to the new large NovaMax vial. Well I kept my original small BD container and transferred my test strips from one to the other so it would fit nicely in my kit. I had done this for about nine months with no problems until recently. I felt hypoglycemic when my readings were slightly high or normal which didn’t make sense. Then one morning I woke up with a BG of 224 and took my 3 units. 30 minutes later on the way to work I just about passed out. I re-checked on my back up Accu-check and it was at 40!
My bad NovaMax strips would give me readings like 177, 135, 298, 155, 77…with in a five minute window! They were all screwed up and caused me to take too much insulin.

I called the manufacturer and they pretty much blamed me for transferring vials and contaminating them. They agreed to replace 50 strips, which is a huge bummer because most my stock at home (all 400 strips) are combined to save space. Unless i feel like playing russian rullet with my diabetes, I have to throw them all out and purchase all new ones, which is not cheap!

Anyways, be careful.