Moving to Uruguay with type 1 toddler

hi there!
I am a mum to a 3 y/o boy with type 1 diabetes. he was diagnosed when he was only 9 months old, so it is not new to us anymore. Pumping Apidra with Omnipod and full time dexcoming. Currently in Canada. We are thinking about moving to Uruguay (Playa Grande area) for a few years, where I would be self-emplyed.
I guess my question is if anyone knows about Type 1 diabetes support, insurance, insulin availability, pump supplies and dexcom over there.
My main concern is availability of the pump/dexcom supplies? what about diabetes clinics, pediatric endos and so on. We pay for most of the supplies form our pocket now, so that wouldn't change. Our budget would be about $5000 for two adults and and two young kids per month with paid off house. Thank you so much for any information!

Hi. :) If you go to the Members page and do a search for Uruguay, you'll find there are a couple of members there. Maybe send a friend request and ask them for some advice. :)

thanks so much, I will try that!

I just saw this article today about someone in Venezuela.

Not that they are related to Uruguay, but, might be some heads up to some issues that South American countries might have. :)