Mr. D

I’ve known Mr. D for a little over 7 years. We first met in my doctors office and I was scared of him, he even made me cry, it seemed that me and Mr. D were forced to be friends and he was going to be around for a while. I wasn’t sure if I liked that he was going to be around so much. But, I was going to give him a chance. It took a while for us to get used to each other but eventually we got on a routine. Everyday me and Mr. D would get up, eat breakfast together, take the train to work, have a little mid morning snack, lunch, ride the train home from work, have a great home cooked meal when we got home, have a few laughs with the family at night and then we would go to bed.

We were great friends in the begining, it felt like nothing would get in the way of our new friendship. Until one day I realized that Mr. D was really starting to get on my nerves. Mr. D would not go away even when I tried pushing him away. He was making me crazy, then I started to really ignore him, not answer any of his calls, ditching him at breakfast, lunch and dinner even right before bed. He always wanted me to check in with him every couple of hours to see how I was doing, and I really didn’t feel like it.

We were not on speaking terms for 10 months straight, but, Mr. D wouldn’t give up, he would still be there at the same time I ate breakfast, took the train, at lunch, and dinner. In the back of my head I knew Mr. D was going to be there even though I could not stand it but, I still continued to ignore him. I hated him at that point.

Mr. D was making me CRAZY. He was making me cry and sad all of the time.

I finally realized one day that Mr. D wasn’t going anywhere. Even when I continued to ignore and ditch him. I had to learn to be friends with him again.

In the past couple of months we started talking again and even though he still gets on my nerves, I am trying to give him a second chance. I have started checking in with him more often, and even though Mr. D is still annoying, I am trying to be friends. Hopefully one day we will make peace with each other.

Thanks! I am no writer though, trust me. haha

Well put!!! Darn Mr. D

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary…some relationship tips for you and Mr. D to live a long and healthy life together: Good communication is the key, but you do need a little time away from each other. Being constant companions means you need separate interests, and never go to bed angry:)