Mr. Strange Goes to Washington!

Jimmy Stewart stars as a… wait… I think that’s already been done… Darn the luck!

But seriously, I have been invited, along with alist of other bloggers much more distinguished than I, to the JDRF Government Day in Washington, DC.

The “day” is actually a 4 day event that brings about 150 JDRF Advocates together for advocacy training, networking, and to put diabetes on the radar screens of members of Congress by meeting with them to tell them how diabetes effects the lives of so many people in their own districts.

Read about the whole shindig at Strangely Diabetic

Hi Scott: :slight_smile:

How exciting for all of you. Do you have to write up your own summaries or do you read what the JDRF gives you to read? Or will it be more of a question/answer meeting? Or a bit of both? How much time will be involved inthis or each meeting? The Governments (everywhere) certainly need a Nice Chat with People who know their stuff concerning this important issue. Give 'em Heck…ummm some education. Great Crew that they have chosen. You are far too modest btw. I wish you Gals and Guys Success and have some FUN whenever possible. :wink:

So good to see your smiling (& cranky) face here!