Mr Twiddle and the broken CROCKERY

Hello children are you sitting comfortably Mr Twiddle is at it again trying to wash up and dry the crockery knives forks spoons forks glasses and other things left over from tea last night.

children you know what happens when Mr Twiddle tries to do jobs around the house don’t you,yes that is right children he usually gets into a right old pickle today Twiddle has very cold hands so he thought if I was up and dry my hands will get warmer do you think that is correct children Mr Twiddle is diabetic and his hands are always cold aren’t they

and when his hands get very very cod children he drops things that’s right you have seen him before dropping things haven’t you.

Remember children if you are helping mommy to wipe the dishes always remember slippery hands can drop things,Mr Twiddle is also covered in water his shirt and trousers are soaking because he had the water taps turned on too high now Mr Twiddle will have to go and change his clothing silly Mr Twiddle.

He counted 10 knives 10 spoons and 10 forks 4 large dinner pates 6 breakfast bowls 4 cups and saucers and he only dropped 2 plates 2 cups and 2 saucers hmmmm, mommy will be angry at Mr Twiddle she told him leave all the washing up until she came home tonight did Mr Twiddle do as he was told NO he didn’t he now has to clear up all the broken crockery before mommy comes home and try not to cut himself on the Sharpe pieces of crockery.

Mr Twiddle should be resting on the settee watching TV and not messing about in the kitchen naughty Mr Twiddle not doing as he was told,perhaps Mr Twiddle should buy mommy a dish washer now that sounds like a good idea what do you thing children.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Time to get plastic plates?

Lol! So that is why I keep dropping things! I am sure my brother-in-law thought I was being clumsy when I managed to drop my knife (very loudly!) several times during a meal! Perhaps I should get a bib and have my food cut up for me!