MRI results

How many of you had "chronic ichemia disease" on MRI report and told not of any concern because of history of diabetes. So what would the usual for someone without diabetes? no white matter spots on MRI?

"Ischemia" is a restriction in blood flow. I would hardly call it "not of concern" and "normal" for someone with diabetes. An MRI radiologist who diagnoses you in this way likely isn't doing his job and you should call them out on this matter. At the very least, you would be prudent to get a second opinion (from someone who isn't a "colleague" of the first radiologist).

Radiologists are known for embellishing their reports, at the bottom of the report there is usually a conclusion paragraph, I always demand my doctors give me a explanation in a Laypersons language. I would agree with Brian, the radiologist stepped over the line when He/She said don't worry about it, that's not part of his job description.

The radiologist didn't say the white spots (over 50 of them) was not a concern, it was the neurologist. At any rate, I am taking a baby aspirin a day now. I supposed he was OK, just that he was the type you only get five minutes or less of his time and I didn't think of any questions to ask until the next day.