Much better!

I’m so excited that my sugars are finally getting better! My new endo increased my I/C ratio from 1:15 to 1:12, which makes things a bit hard to do the math but hey, my numbers have been fantastic and I haven’t even hit 200 today! It’s great when you have an endo that listens! Oh and we increased my nighttime lantus from 15 units to 20 which I think is helping too!

Thanks guys for the suggestions and concerns!


That is wonderful news Elizabeth! Here is to a long and lasting relationship with your Endo. I just can’t imagine and endo that won’t listen. Sure glad you found a better one. No highs = feeling better.

Wonderful to read this …keep on top of your numbers !
I always have felt …it’s not the amount we deliver …the bottom line is: are the numbers on target . Congrats…

Congrats Elizabeth!!!

Great numbers are a wonderful thing.

rick phillips

Hoorah! Wishing you more days like today!!

Thanks guys! Here’s to keeping fingers crossed for no midnight highs! Checking now… 127!!! Woohoo!!!

That’s great! Way to go!

Wonderful! After 3 nights on 20 u, if you wake up, reach for your tester & determine how low you are - just in case you have peaks.
When working with 1:12, shave what was 15g by 1/5 and start thinking only in grams, not carbs.