Muleman from Spain calling!

Hi from Malaga Province (County) Andalucia (State) Spain.

Well it has been a long time since I have been on here… The first reason was the death of a dear friend on here (in fact everyones friend) but It left me feeling sick! When I did summon the enthusiasm to return the site had been reconstructed. I hate it! I don’t find it easy to use. It’s very steril to! In fact there is nothing of the site that makes me feel at home as I once was.

Now I can guess the dear ones who will message me the moment they read this message of mine. But don’t please!

I raised my family to run our own Web design business ( I don’t have to do a thing any more!). We have worked Pro bono for several charity and voluntary groups. We use a lot of Word Pro if people want it! and in 4 languages! My wife is a Child and Educational Psychologist and we are all trained and qualified teachers and I a lecturer having once tought. We know about web sites and individual needs using Internet and the web!
So many people I am fond of on this site, they are wonderful, but I have to say I would not give this site away gratis. It’s horrible, cold and unfriendly! The old one was great. LIke that old coat, that you just feel so cosy in!

Well I didn’t come here to critisize the site, but oh those silly midget photos??? whats going on??? . Not even thumb nail pictures! Why? Is that especialy for the visually impaired?

In trying to simplify the site you have made it impersonal, amaterish!. bye bye!


albert, my heart lept when I saw you! don’t give up, yes, we still miss our dear @jrtpup deeply, she would want us to stay together. big big hugs.


and if you can stay up tonight, join us for this #type2 event

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Albert, so good to see you here. @jrtpup was such a loving and kind friend to so many of us here. With regards to the changes. Although it looks different, the people are still the same. We are working on several growing pains. I’d like to ask that you bear with us during the transition.

We’d love for you to join us in the chat room. I know several of our members have missed you

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:


Missed you @muleman. Missed your reports from Spain. I have not yet felt at home here either, but I keep visiting for a little bit each day and trying to find a way to re-connect with friends in any meaningful way possible—or maybe make a new one. I haven’t found that particularly effective so far. But for me it is better than no contact at all with this place that meant so much to me over the years.

I hope you’ll stop in once in awhile to give us a news report, if nothing else…Blessings, dear man…Blessings to you and yours, as ever…Judith in Portland


judith I hope you can attend the event today in about an hour & a half. (1pm your time). love and hugs.


Timing is awkward, but I always watch when it gets posted later…love back at you…


Glad to hear from you again Muleman. Have wondered how you are doing.


Hi Albert, @muleman ,

Saw these guys standing by the fence and thought of you. I work with the co owner and they ride them. Her favorite is the one on the right.


that is a beautiful picture, I’d love to be with them
@muleman I remember your pictures of the wagon & mules, do you still have them?

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Albert here’s another pic I thought you might enjoy. This is at the National Chuck Wagon Races which are held every year near where I live. The white mule is the same one as in the first picture. A gunshot had gone off to start a race and the mules bolted. My co worker is trying to get them stopped:)


Sorry folks l have been so ill. I gave up several times. Now 74 next birthday my apnia is mire ib control. Prostate problems means 7 visits to the bathroom a night and a new problem with breathing means my must leave my bed around 5 am and take to a reclining chair. Its currently 10c in my bedroom and no way to change that. Yep lm miserable mostly but not 100% jaja. How amazing to find this group after so long. So many of my peers have gone. Thank God someones still knows me jaja! Hope l see your replies. Gotta now. God Bless


Maybe get an electric blanket or heating pad to help with temp. But you can also get snap heat type packs for temporary heat, they last hours if kept under covers. Hot water bottles are easy to find and cheap! I’m so sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

Thanks. This is rural Spain Not USA. We dont have snap heaters and l live kn 80% of minimum UK pension. I have no money and no resources for extras like heating. Its 2c outside and under 10c in my bedroom. I do have a mini radiator 800watts but only half of it works haha! We dont have charity shops. Not even charities! 23 years here. Its fine in summer!. Morphine for pain makes me fidgity moody etc! I would be warmer and better cared for in jail!

hello my friend Muleman! thanks for checking in, and I’m sorry to hear about your situation. sending you some hugs and warm thoughts.

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Thanks MarieB and all who contacted me. Cool to see hour greeting after so long. We had to sell our place and we live in an apartment now. Seldom see a mule! I dont move do fast. Been needing a ride on chair for 3 years, battery powered would do. Ofcourse being me l dream of a 3 wheeler! I saw one with a Lambretta or Vespa badge. One one the lady drove her battery chair up the back and suddenly her chair was a scooter. Man people are so clever! God bless you all. Albert xx

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If I were rich, I’d buy you one!

hi MarieB ah that dont matter. So nice to find friends after so long. A friend on the net is worth 10 in the grave!

Is the site forum still running? and how do I find it pls?

things seem to have changed big time which is what drove me off last time

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Albert, you are on the forum right here. if you want to look at other topics, click on the 3 stacked horizontal bars on the upper right, next to your profile picture. (these 3 bars are actually called “the hamburger” - let me know also if you’re looking for anything special, I’ll find it for you.

I’m thrilled to see you back. I will never forget your kindness toward me.

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Hi again. Your very kind. Its very warming reading a compliment. Thank you. I am so far only reading messages here on my Android and there are no lines As you describe. Sorry!
Do l need a special app, to see what you see?

I think you guys are probably sleeping now. Look forward to hesring from you sgain ad time permits. A.