Muleman from Spain calling!


Hi Muleman, We misplaced a lot of good friends when we went thought our platform change from Ning to Discourse, I am glad to see you here.

I have noticed that you are replying via Email., May I suggest that you access our site directly on our forum site.


Hi dear. Im still here . Stay as well as possible. XX


Hi Cyrly, Yes your right. Im just a grumpy old reject at times jajaja!- Bless. Albert


Hi Judith. Here’s a hug love and chin up. Yes, well its hard right. When you actually against all odd find a loving distance friend against all odd! I guess the old girl was closer to me than I realised but with so many of my old friends, band members, and army guys gone its a lonely feeling at times right?
But hey were still here for now. I stay video games to keep my mind from moping. I’m here every morning rebuilding bass guitars and have 2 or 4 part built and that keeps my brain alive. If we cannot work we must have something to fill our time. I also have a new grand son so he is a blast. Take care and thank you XX


Hey man. How you getting on and the guitar. Hope your still active and nice to know you had work. Greatful for all your support way back. Cheers. Albert.


Hi Albert, nice to hear from you again. How are you going?


Hi Albert. I have fond memories of our off topic conversations about mules and music, as well as discussing diabetes.

I’m retired now, although I still go in to consult a couple days a week. Keeps my mind active and brings in a few extra bucks.

Still banging away on the guitar.


Ola! I grew up in Spain. Rota. My dad was in the Navy. My best friend was born in Malaga. Hope you are well. No one knows how downright cold it can get over there! No heat when we were there, used propane heaters. :exploding_head:


Encantado . soy Alberto jaja hi and thank you. helping a daughter change apartments so short on time. would you please write to me again maybe next week. we can chat a lot then. muchisimo gracias.