Looking for some ideas on multi-injections of different meds on a daily basis. I have been doing this for a long time but I am now having pain as there is only so much rotation that can be done. Times like today is one of the worst when a pen has plenty left in it and not enough for the dose so there is a double stick for that one type but I had this happen of two types there was 4 sticks this morning and then the last type only one so that is a total of 5 for breakfast so I have decided to skip lunch and then there is dinner and night time sticks. Here is the rotation I have been using Monday type 1 right arm, type 2 Left AB and type 3 Right Leg then on Tue Switch sides then Wednesday switch arms for buttocks then I start over. For all the mid-day shots I use abs on an average day I have 7 shots. Looking forward to some helpful ideas.

When I get the situation where the current pen is just short of the needed dose, I just use the new pen, and keep the almost used up one for a smaller meal or correction dose. Especially as I use up a pen of Humalog in about 16 days, there's no risk of going over the one month shelf life.

I jab at least 8x a day. I'm no fan of it at all. Have you heard of the iPort ? Pumping seems so much better than iPort so I'm in holding pattern until I can afford pump.

well i can not get a pump due to cost and untill i have a sure way of controll as well. The Endo is using this last step before i have to go up to a stronger insulin but at least with this treatment i am see some low 300’s now in a short time frame so there is hope.

gentgeen I think I will hold the old pen for a few days to see if it works out that way as well any help is good and thaks for the idea.