Multiple BG Prompts

Occasionally when I enter the number for a BG prompt, the monitor keeps asking for it over and over and over. I know it asks for two readings when a new sensor is installed but this is much more than that. I believe it is occurring when I am much higher or lower than normal. One time I put in a more normal number as a test and the prompts stopped. Then I needed to put in the right number to make the data accurate. That sometimes causes a sensor error. Anyone else have this problem?

Thank you.

I have noticed the following:

  • If I enter a value significantly higher or lower than what the receiver shows, I often get a request to enter bg
  • I enter the value again
  • Sometimes a huge difference results in a sensor error
  • Sometimes I can recover from the sensor error 0. There is a protocol to follow which may recover from the error. It is on page 98, section 8.4 ERROR CODE TROUBLESHOOTING, of my User's Guide (© 2008)

this is easy. Read the book like Brad suggests, then call tech support. Note times and display. Also, load DM3 software and be read to hook up receiver to computer and send download to Dexcom. They will work magic on tricks.

This has happened to me. I eventually figure out that, if you enter blood sugars below 40 or above 400, then it doesn't accept them. You have to wait for your blood sugars to be in range before it will accept them. Or else you can lie to it (occasionally, my meter says I'm 39 when I'm programming my Dex, so I tell the Dex I'm 40 - I figure it's close enough).

I happens to my son - particularly when he pulls out his Omnipod (he's 3). I usually just wait for the BG to get lower then try to re-callibrate.

I am still new to DEXCOM, about a year since last December. Recently I've noticed a pattern with the same discrepancy. I will run low then finger stick to find an exact measure. I will enter this into the DEXCOM and go about my business happily. Several minuites later I get prompted to enter a BG. . . again. This has happened more then several times. Is this the same as what you discribed. Has anyone else experienced this?. . .I'm getting hasseled by my Diabetes Nurse and staff over skripts for so many test strips. What have people experienced.