Multiple vehicles

Silly question maybe, but I’m curious as to what others do in this situation. I just got a second car (2000 Miata at a great price!! Yay!). I think what I’ll do is have a ‘car bag’ with D supplies, chargers, snacks, yada yada that I’ll be able to just grab when I switch cars.

What do others do? Do you have 2 kits?

I guess I have 2 cars if you count my wife’s. I leave all the same stuff in each. Tons of lifesavers and a syringe. I cannot imagine having to remember to grab a bag from one car to walk to the other car to get in and drive. I would go crazy in no time flat.

Interesting idea with the battery though. I have not considered carrying a spare battery in my car. Can it handle the heat?

I have a bag that goes with me - it’s called my purse. Everything’s in my purse when I go out with Frio and meter & tube of glucose tabs in it and my food notebook and pen - and I have glucose tabs in two cars.

I keep spare battery in the meter pocket at all times for every meter I have.
If I were to put in snacks I’d only eat them.

I don’t think I’d want to carry everything I ‘need’ in a car in my purse LOL. My arm would fall off :slight_smile: Think I’ll work on duplicates of most of it… I have tons of extra meters, etc. and always carry my ping meter with me anyway. I can leave pump supplies in each car, except insulin which can certainly go in my purse. Food for thought, thanks!

I keep a kit in both of our vehicles. I rotate meters to make sure they are all used. They are all alike and use the same test stripes.

Keep a small bag with All the essentials, but usually only a roll of glucose tabs in each car and a syringe, and possibly a spare meter. in both. Strips i treat like insulin since heat and cold can cause issues.