Music! and a question about what it does to you


ok. I admit. I love good soaring music! I’ve noticed lately that
when I am wrapped into it… my bloodsugar seems to soar
right along with it:(
Is this a norm for us? Is it like when we exercise and then need to wait before we test?
What does music do to you?


I’m the opposite. When I hear music I like, it levels out my sugar. Just like different foods have different effects on different people, I guess.


ahhh… to me; some music is flatout intoxicating! :slight_smile: I find myself breathing as if I were the
one singing. Full of passion, etc… LOL! Aint this a trip?


I don’t think music has any special effect on my levels. It may mellow me out or get me pumped, but it’s more mental for me. The only thing I’ve noticed is that I drop a bit if I’ve been playing guitar for a while. I play mostly electric, standing up, with lots of pedals to step on. Plus I’m a rock and roll kid, so you know I do all the cool physical stuff (dance around, swing the guitar around, etc.).

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music seems to have no effect on me. it’s more of a mental/emotional thing. my sugars may drop a little after a jam session but i’ve never gone low post-jamming. i’m a vocalist and sometime-keyboardist…so it’s either my lips or fingers and right ankle moving. maybe i do sway a bit to the music, bop my head and stuff, but nothing that significantly lowers or raises my bgs.


An interesting question. I think it depends on the type of music - if it’s smooth and tranquil and relaxing, well, then it will probably lower my bg.
If it’s agitating, then maybe I’ll get so annoyed it will be stressful and raise my bg.