Must Buy New Phone as DexG6 No Longer Supported

Ah. Thanks.
Well I put my Rex (originally purchased, not provided, for more than $500) into use last night, after 3 yrs of non-use, had all the alerts and sounds set, sound check run, :+1::+1: But alas it malfunctioned and I awoke just after 3am at BG46 shown at that level for 2hrs and no alert.
Had a high this morning after I was up, and it gave me a silent vibration alert even though it was set to “normal sound alert.” Spoke to Dexcom today. They said warranty only good for 1 yr, thus expired, however since I had “never requested a replacement receiver before” and because of the “software update issues” they would issue me a “one time courtesy replacement receiver.” Should be here between Wed-Fri next week.


Good. Must suppliers will replace them every three years. Except mine i’ve gotten two in the last six months
I have my phone in silent mode at night Just got tired of being awakened by incoming emails and telemarketers. The meter I keep just the low alarm on. I also have a app on my Fitbit watch which I wake hat night I can look at it instead of fumbling for my meter. Setting alarm will take some getting use to. Many I use low and urgent low because my glucose drops that fast. Have to be very care on my insulin dosage. If I take one unit to much. My glucose graph looks like I fell off a cliff


The receivers are covered by a warranty with Dexcom, as long as it is within the warranty time-frame.

You oughta get that thing replaced!

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For me, similar: if I exercise too soon after a meal, with insulin on board, that’s what happens as well.

I drastically reduce insulin dose if I know I’m going to be active.


Dexcom said the warranty is only good for one year. My receiver was purchased in 2019. However, she put me on hold and then came back and said she had discussed with the team and supervisors said since I had never requested a replacement receiver before and because of the software update issues they would send me a one time courtesy replacement receiver.

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They said it was only covered for one year, and made it sound like the exception that they were replacing it at three years. I wasn’t going through the medical supply company I got it through, I went directly to Dexcom. :woman_shrugging:t3:
One year seems short to me for such an item, at that cost.

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I got a new phone yesterday and all has been working well so far with phone and new Dexcom app. I ended up getting the iPhone 13 mini, the IOS is at 15.5. I tried to get something with IOS only up to 15.0.2, as that is what Dexcom website and Dexcom reps both said is the limit for compatibility with their app software. However, my husband’s iPhone 13 Pro is at 15.5 and his Follow had been working just fine so I went ahead and got it as all the iPhones come with a minimum of 15.5 IOS now. It has been 24hrs and all is working perfectly on the app. :+1::blush: And the phone is the same size as my iPhone 6 was except only slightly thicker and heavier. Cost me $140 yesterday and $20/mo no interest to pay off, no increase in phone plan. Still not happy I had to spend money on a new phone, but quite happy with new phone, with one exception that new ones require Bluetooth earbuds as there is no longer an earphone jack. :ear:
THANK YOU all for your help with input about phone selections, etc… It really did help. :grin:

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By the way, Wow! Surprising that you’ve had to replace two receivers in 6 months time! I guess I better use this new one more, even though I have a new phone now, just so I know it’s still working correctly.

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Let me see if I can clarify . Yes “Dexcom’s warranty is 1 yr.”
But I never have dealt directly with Dexcom.
I go though a supplier that deals with private medical insurance and MediCare. In my case Medicare will replace the receiver (Rx) every three years… quite frankly my original one 6yrs old is holding up fine. As stated I carry both . Blue tooth is a strange animal. One or the other will lose signal now and then for no apparent reason.
Blue tooth has approx a 20-30 ft range. But it can be blocked by your body it self. This happens to me mostly at night If roll over and lay on the sensor. That primarily why I keep both phone and receiver

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Oh interesting. I should check with my insurance and see if they cover replacement at certain times. Thanks very much for the additional info!

Yes. Bluetooth is a bit touchy. I have to sleep all night on my left side, therefore I don’t put the sensor on the left side of my abdomen. I just rotate in from center and right in various locations on my abdomen. I tried it on my arm once but kept whacking it on things, perhaps I’m just a klutz but that’s how it was for me.
My phone can be sitting right next to me while I’m sitting reading or watching TV and I’ll sometimes get a signal loss. It says my Bluetooth is on. Dexcom tells me it is because other wireless things in the house have interfered with the signal. I have no idea. But it happens. It almost never happens at night when I’m sleeping though, so could be something to that theory.

From the web: “the iPhone 13 series does still have the Lightning connector, which means you CAN use a Lightning-to-3.5mm jack adaptor to plug your headphone jack earbuds into the iPhone 13.Sep 28, 2021”

I have this adapter and it works fine. However, I do prefer Bluetooth earbuds most of the time.


Thanks! Just looked it up. $8 is a whole lot less than $150-200. :+1:


I just reverted to the receiver (one I found it). Turns out that I packaged it up into an emergency covid supply box in the event I was hospitalized during covid.


Im running on an iPhone 12mini with ios 15.6 and its working just fine with Dexcom. Every now and then I get an alert from Dexcom along the lines of “hey, we’re still testing our app with the version ios you’re using and we don’t guarantee it’ll work”, but Ive had exactly zero issues.
I finally just upgraded a month ago from my lovely small iphone SE (the original from 2016) and I was really bummed that the “mini” is so much bigger, but after a couple weeks its just mildly annoying. I got it officially refurbished off of Ebay for $300, and besides the size I have zero complaints. There are very few actually-small phones out there now, and I didn’t want to go with a not-so-common one because I feel so dependent on the apps to run my broken pancreas that Id rather stay more mainstream than one-off with my tech, but it also seemed easier to just stick with the darn apple than to have to actually consider a new OS.

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I bought a IPhone 13 mini primarily to use with the Tandem mobile upgrade. It cost half of what the ifone 13 Pro does and is the size of the old 6S, very light weight and does everything I need.


I ordered the BlueJay watch last spring and have never been able to get it to work. Maybe because I’m in Canada, but the person at the company I emailed before I bought it said it would work in Canada. I would love to use it with xdrip, because then I could have whatever phone I wanted but I’m stuck with Samsung S21, and not allowing it to update to Android 13.

That’s unfortunate. From what you posted I’m assuming that you haven’t contacted BlueJay since you received the watch .

There is absolutely nothing in Canadian communications infrastructure that would present any kind of a unique problem for device that was developed and is sold by company located in Surrey, UK. There are only three countries in the world that use distinct Bluetooth frequencies and they’re still within the 2.4 gigahertz band.

Your problem could be with the watch/charger, the Bluetooth pairing process or your Samsung phone. While Samsung is one of the very few Android brand devices that Dexcom has “certified”, it is well known that its proprietary “premium experience” modifications to Android are problematic, breaking not just Dexcom’s apps but many others with every security patch and OS update. If Dexcom had worked directly with Google the developer of Android as they did with Apple, the developer of iOS, instead of with Samsung, most of these issues wouldn’t have happened.

I chose to use a cheaper generic stock Android phone instead of a "premium’ brand because I don’t need “premium”. I need dependability and reliability based on standards.

I don’t know your system configuration, but there’s some things that
you must understand. Bluetooth is a secure protocol that uses a unique private key to link two “hosts” over one channel. A host is an app on a device.

The G5/G6 CGM has two Bluetooth channels, one for a remote display, one for a receiver. The Dexcom can only be programmed to directly communicate with two hosts at one time.

The G6 primary Bluetooth channel is for a Dexcom receiver, or an alternative receiver like a Tandem pump, but not both at one time. If one has been in use recently, it needs to be turned off and stay off for a while before a different one can be connected.

The second channel is for a remote display. It can be used with one Android app on one Android device. That device can work as a relay. The Dexcom apps have shared communication software so they can coexist as one host.

If you have the Dexcom apps on that phone loaded and paired with a Dexcom CGM, you can not simultaneously connect the Xdrip+ app to that Dexcom CGM. If you have a Dexcom receiver connected to a Dexcom transmitter you can not pair that transmitter with another alternative receiver.

What I would suggest is that you try to load the Xdrip+ app on a phone (ideally a basic Android phone) as an alternative receiver to see if the problem is with the watch, Bluetooth, the phone or how you are trying to connect.

In Android, unpair the phone from the Dexcom CGM. To eliminate possible software conflicts temporarily uninstall the Dexcom apps.

Launch Xdrip+ and let it pair with the Dexcom CGM. You should get a pairing prompt within 10 minutes. If not see, if the G6 appears in the list of available Bluetooth sources. as DexcomXX, XX= the last 2 digits of the transmitter ID.

If you can connect the Xdrip+ app on the phone to the G6, then reset the watch. Niw try to use the Xdrip+ app to connect to the watch.

If that doesn’t work the watch is defective, and you should contact Bluejay for a replacement. If it works, you’ve proven that the watch can connect via Bluetooth and is working ok as a repeater display.

Now, if you wish, you can try to connect the watch directly to the G6 as an alternative receiver.

Reset the watch. Power off the Dexcom receiver. If you don’t know how to do that, then wrap the receiver in aluminum foil and put it at least 30 ft away from you for half an hour and keep it there. Follow the directions for connecting the watch to the primary channel of the G6.

Note: My understanding of the Dexcom G7 CGM, which might not be released in Canada or the US for a while yet, is that it will eliminate the need for a hardware receiver. If true, that would permit the Dexcom “receiver” app and the Xdrip+ remote display app to coexist - provided you have an “approved” phone.