My 4 year old brings me juice when it's time to go to sleep

I guess she noticed how I always get a Capri juice out of the fridge before going to sleep because I had a really bad low about 3 years Ago where I woke up on the floor with low sugar and I could not feel my legs (it was like I was paralyzed ) thank god I had my pocket book in my room at the time since I know that there is always some form of candy in there , but I can remember haveing to use my arms to crawl across the room to get the candy in my bag (I never knew what that number had been but all I know is that after eating about 10mini boxes of dots gummy candy my blood sugar was only 100 or so so looking back who knows if my number had been 10 because I have never in all these years had a low sugar so severe and scary like that …so call it paranoia or what not but ever since then I will not go to sleep without my juice box on my night table

Oh bless her! What a sweet little girl, with a caring heart! Children notice a lot more than we realise - which can be good and can be bad! Once in church someone put up a sign during a child dedication which read “Never argue with a child and be sure of the facts, because your child will quote it back to you, word for word!”

I do not think you are being paranoid! I think it is eminently sensible. Unfortunately we never know what is going to happen until it does!

I have had a couple like that - I rang the doctor when I could not get my sugars up - having been hypo for the best part of an hour. He just pooh poohed it and said, “Well eat a mars bar!” (I had already had 3). So dutifully I did - I woke up half on and half off the sofa, soaking wet and freezing cold four hours later! I know I ate it because I saw the packet in the kitchen!