My A1c is most likely down!

This is kind of incrediblar!! I was just mulling about my sugarstats page (which is fantastic by the way) looking at the graphs and I was noticing the the last few times I had an A1c test, the readings from my meter pretty much showed the same result upon conversion. (within half a point) So as I was checking out the graphs and stats for the last three months I learned that I had brought my Blood sugar average down by 17% in the last 3 months and that my average bs level in that time was 102. which if the conversion chart is correct would have me at about 5.6 on my A1c. that’s brilliant. I’m very happy, even if it’s wrong by a point or two I know I’ve brought it down and that pleases me.
Actually I was really excited about it and tried to explain it to one of my brothers but all he said was “I like sites with graphs.” then I told another brother and he said “uh, ok”. Thankfully my mom had woken up and she was happy for me. Dang non-diabetic brothers with their pompous pancreases!

(they tease me, but they are very supportive… in a non-verbal brother way. when I was telling a friend their reactions the next day the bro that said “uh ok” protested and claimed he had said “good job!” yeah, maybe in your head man…maybe in your head.)