My almost perfect date

I went out with a policeman last night his name is Jimmy. We were like the odd couple because he’s about 6’2" and I’m 5’2". When I look straight at him I see nothing but chest. The naughty part of me was wondering how we would manage in bed.

We had dinner at The Shores, a restaurant right on the beach. I had grilled salmon that was breaded with finely chopped pistachios, it was so good I wanted more. There was one hitch when we first got there, Jimmy was going to order a bottle of wine, the waiter whispered to him asking “is your daughter 21”. I heard him and started to blush, and spoke up and said I’m 19 and not his daughter. So he ordered us some non-alcoholic fruit drinks. I guess he didn’t know I was only 19 and might not have asked me out if he did.

After dinner we walked up and down the beach, he held my hand, and we sit on a bench for a long time and talked. That’s when I started running my big mouth. I just wish I had learned to listen more and talk less. I caught myself
telling him things better kept to myself. He seemed to be interested and laughed at the antics of my wild sister. I kept waiting for him to start making out with me but he never did. I felt a little disappointed that he didn’t and thought maybe he didn’t like me but on the way home he asked me out again. We are going to La Jolla cove Sunday night to watch the fireworks. When we got back to my aunts house, he walked me to the door, most of my other dates don’t do that. I expected him to try to kiss me but he just gave me a quick hug and said goodnight, I’ll see you Sunday.

The server’s question probably rattled the hell out of Jimmy. As a public safety officer, he hopefully takes his oath seriously – and no one in that position wants to face an accusation of statutory rape. Let it take time, to see if he’s worth giving yourself over to him.

P.S. I am jealous that you make Japanese dishes for yourself!

I don’t want to make you too jealous but I’m going to Marukai market in a little while. I didn’t even know there was one here until my aunt asked me if I wanted to go. If it’s anything like the Marukai in Honolulu, they will have everything. My mouth is watering thinking about some of things I might be able to get. It’s been over a year since I moved here and that long since I had any island food. In a couple of hours I might be sitting here chewing on some Saki Ika. If they had some ahi poke I would be in heaven.

Maybe I should show Jimmy my Hawaiian drivers license to prove my age. I wouldn’t want him to think I was under age jail bait. : )

When I first started college last fall everyone kept asking me how old I was and how many grades I’d skipped. At the time I must have looked about 14, I’ve aged a lot in the last year and got my hair cut. I must look at least 16 by now and I feel like I’m 30 or 40.

Aw, Marukai!

Chisaki - your posts are wonderful. You are a talented storyteller - maybe you should explore a writing career? The date sounds charming. Good luck.

Falling in love is a journey… timing is the key to all great love stories. Enjoy every moment and enjoy the fall.

nopucksnosticks - Judging form the time it takes me to complete school projects, papers and essays, it would take me a year to write a book. Besides, English was always my worst subject. To keep up my grades in English I have to study as long as all other subjects combined.

Anj - I didn’t know I was falling in love, but I don’t know what love is. I do like him and would rather go out with him than any other guy I know. I still wonder if he is going out with me because he feels sorry for me, or maybe dating me is his good deed for the month.

Duck - I’ve never been to Bali Hai, but I’ve seen their commercials on TV. It looks like a nice place to go.

AH HA! :slight_smile: I KNEW it would go well! See? He was a gentleman. (Yes they are very RARE but there are a few out there).

Yeah, don’t reveal too much too soon - otherwise you lose your mystery. I have a feeling he likes you because you are different. I mean, how many tomboy Diabetics can a guy meet? Pretty much none so you definately look unique to him. :slight_smile:

Sounds like your date went well. Like Kimberly said don’t reveal too much too soon.

Kimberly - Too late about that - don’t revel too much too soon thing. All the time I was with him he was listening and I was talking. I blush when I think of some of things I told him. Lucky I did keep most of the worst family secrets.

I went to sleep around midnight and woke up at 4 AM and can’t get back to sleep, I just keep think about my date with Jimmy today. Or, maybe it’s all that yummy island food I ate last night, I ate so much poi that I had to do 3 times my regular bolus. When I woke up I had been having a happy dream, then a few minutes late I couldn’t remember what it was. That happens to me all the time.

You are probably just excited and nervous. That is a good sign! Means you care about what is going to happen. I hope you have a good time today and, of course, let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Oh, especially do not tell him you are blogging about him on TuD to a bunch of diabetic strangers! :slight_smile:

Kimberly - Excited and nervous; yes. I’ve already tried on 4 different outfits but still can’t decide what to wear. I tried on my best jeans that cost me over 200 bucks and they’re too tight, I can barely button them. I’ve been eating too many carbs and not getting much exercise and it’s beginning to show. I weigh 105, that’s the most I’ve ever weighed.

I’m not stupid enough to tell him I’m blogging about him, at least I hope I’m not.

So, how did your Sunday night fireworks date go?

It went fun, we had dinner, watched the fireworks and then hung around the beach until almost midnight. When it comes to talking, he is the opposite from me. He like to listen and I just babble on and on. When I try to stop talking and listen, he don’t volunteer any information. I have to ask him questions to even get him to talk at all. I wonder it he is just shy and also am beginning to wonder it he is gay or bi. The reason I say that is because he hasn’t even tried to kiss me or make out.

Another problem is he is 11 inches taller than me. The times I felt like hugging him or kissing him, he is way up there and I’m down here looking up. I never felt like I was too short before but I do now.

I like him and will continue to go out with him as long as he wants me too and just see where it leads.