My amazing Violet

My oldest daughter usually steals the show when it comes to dealing with my diabetes and knowledge but the past 2 days my youngest Violet has amazed me. Yesterday as I was getting ready to test my sugar before lunch I asked my two year old to grab my meter case. She brings it to me and when I finish she asks me "Test sugar Daddy?" and hold out a finger. So I have to think, how is she going to react to me spearing her tiny finger with my "clicker" and do I really want to start fretting over her BS levels. "Test sugar Daddy" as she is poking my meter. OK I decide, I change the lancet (its been awhile), turn the diak down and explain to her that she is going to get a little boo boo. Then load the strip into the meter, Take her little hand and line up the "clicker". "Click" no scream from her good, little drop of blood good. The count down begins and BAM 119. I have to think to myself ok not a fasting number but she just had a big glass of juice. All is well.

Today at around one here come my little Flower meter case in hand "Test sugar Daddy?" Ok repeat 109. No tears just wanting me to kiss the boo boo when done. Honestly my four year old would be screaming if I tried to test her. Just proud and I guess hoping my youngest understand it in her own way as well.

Awe, I bet she grows and will be the one that cares to understand her Daddys Diabetes… I was wondering is 119, or 109, ok for a wee one. I haven’t a clue.

She is a brave little girl:)

She is such an sweet, adorable brave girl! Not to mention one smart cookie!

From what I have read Hismouse her numbers are good considering she just had a glass of juice with one and a Popsicle with the other need to try to sneak one in the morning when she wakes up, the only time I got her sister to let me test her was bright and early and was a 79.