My arrows are not appearing

The directional arrow on my dexcom g6 hasn’t been appearing very much today. It’s mostly a reading with no direction. This is only my third day on a new sensor, is it going bad?

At one stage this morning I had a - - - for about 40 mins or so. A bit too soon for the sensor to be dying.

Other than that my sensor reading is pretty much spot on

Is your transmitter firmly snapped into your sensor? That is one possibililty if it is not firmly in place.

Yeah it’s snapped in

There has to be the arrow. It is pointing in some direction. Do you mean it is pointing straight ahead? That just means your sugar is stable. The New dex just uses that triangle and it points, there are no double arrows just a slight and a steep
Here in my pic it’s pointing to the right because in stable.

Nope no arrow or triangle at all. I read in the manual that this can happen and the sensor is just confused which direction the BG is heading and I’ve seen it with my previous sensors but not at the frequency of this one so not sure whether it’s going to affect my sensor life. My sensor readings are still pretty accurate. I see whether I can take a photo the next time it happens

My bg is clearly going down but no arrow

I often have no arrows. Someone told me when it is not dropping or going up that can happen.

Why not give Dexcom a call. They are open for technical support 24/7.

Global Technical Support

Product troubleshooting or replacement inquiries
Available 24 hours a day;
7 days a week

I get no arrow occasionally. I assume it means Dexcom is having difficulty interpreting data from the sensor. I’ve seen when BS is changing quickly and with older sensors and I assume compression could cause.

Most of the time it eventually goes away.

I’ve never seen that happen