My Awesome Road Trip!

This summer I took the best and LONGEST road trip of my life so far. My boyfriend and I love taking road trips but we were finally given the chance to take a week long vacation and so this is what happened:

Friday, July 31 - We live in Northern Kentucky so we drove through Indiana to get to Illinois. His mom lives in the Northeast suburbs of Illinois so we had a free place to stay that night.

Saturday, Aug 1- We were so excited to keep on with our road trip so we woke up at like 4am! and drove out 9 hours to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. To get there we had to drive through Wisconsin (beautiful) and Minnesota (pretty boring but still beautiful).

Sunday, Aug 2 - We drove to Rapid City, SD but to get there we took the detour through the Badlands. If you have never been though the Badlands, please do yourself a favor and go! It’s breathtaking!

Monday, Aug 3 - Sturgis, SD! We brought the Harley so we spent the morning and afternoon at Sturgis, Full Throttle Saloon, the late afternoon at Deadwood (wild west town with A LOT of little casinos) and then went down to Custer, SD where we slept for the night.

Tuesday, Aug 4- We woke up and rode through Custer State Park. We actually got charged by a HUGE buffalo but somehow got out of it. It was an insane feeling of not knowing how we survived and got away! Then we rode through Iron Mountain Road (the best road for motorcycles, ever!) and then went to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial (breathtaking- my breath was taken many times during this trip!).

Wednesday, Aug 5- We hit the road and drove through eastern Wyoming (the most calming place ever, no road signs, no billboards, barely any houses) to get to Colorado where we stayed in Colorado Springs. We went out for Sushi that night!

Thursday, Aug 6 - We went up the Cog Railroad to Pikes Peak (14,100 feet). This was amazing and again, breathtaking! Then we went hiking at the Garden of the Gods which was so much fun and a little scary being at the top of these gigantic rock formations. Instead of staying in Colorado, we started driving to Kansas and stayed at the border of CO and KS. Kansas is VERY boring and there are speed traps everywhere.

Friday, Aug 7- Drove to Kansas and Missouri to get to St. Louis. We stayed in a casino! :slight_smile: but we don’t really like to gamble. The pool was awesome!

Saturday, Aug 8- We made our way home driving through Southern Illinois and Indiana. We finally made it home to see our dog and cat :slight_smile:

This was the best trip of my life and the best part of it was that although I ate like a pig (eating out everyday) my blood sugars were in control (i even stopped biting my nails which stopped as soon as I got back into the KY border and responsibilities came back).

I guess my point is- just because you have diabetes does not mean you can’t live your life and see the world! I traveled with my insulin in a tiny cooler, which was inside a big cooler in the back of the truck! :slight_smile:

I would say…it is INDEED an awesome road trip. Sounds fun and super exciting. I could not agree with you more Ana. I have said it before and will say it again…there are a lot of diabetics that are far healthier and stronger than others. Therefore reasonably, we can do whatever it is we put our minds and hearts into. You go girl!

Sounds like a vacation of a lifetime! I’ve been to a few of the places. Sturgis, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse. I live in Illinois but LOVE wisconsin. I’m happy that you could experience this!

It was awesome! I think I might do a road trip like this every year from now on. I say next year, I go to Yellow Stone and Montana. :slight_smile: