My Beautiful Butterfly

See the picuture above next to my name? That is Becky. Actually, Rebecca Renee. She is my reward from God. I had my first child when I was 25. It was a boy. He is what you call a “high maintenance” baby. He was a handful. Cute, but a handful. He was planned. He was expected. We wanted a boy and we got one. Oh boy did we get one. He is now 11 and is still a handful.
Two years later, my favorite Aunt passed away. It was on Leap Day. Amazing huh? I was grieving. Lots and lots of grieving. I thought my body was reacting to the stress and the general blahs. I ignored my body for two months then realized that I was about to embark on another journey. Becky was more than likely conceived a couple of days after my Aunt died.
She was not planned. She was not expected. We were not ready for another baby but we got one. She slept through the night on her first night home. She didn’t cry. She didn’t cause a fuss. She potty trained in one day. She was never sick.
In July 2008, she got the Chicken Pox. It was awful because she had the vaccination. She wasn’t supposed to have to do this. She didn’t scratch (because Mommy said that it would scar her beautiful skin). She didn’t gripe because it was just something she had to do. She endured.
Little did we know, this may have been the “virus” that touched off what happened to Becky on September 9, 2009. On this day, we took Becky to the doctor because she was drinking a lot. She was going to the bathroom a lot. She was eating a lot, and she was extremely hungry. My husband had seen a public service announcement about Juvenile Diabetes. We just thought we would check it out. Just make sure that this was not what she had.
Three days later as we leave the hospital with all of her diabetic supplies, I felt the same way I did when I took her home for the first time. She is still my beautiful butterfly. She goes through and comes out even more beautiful than before. She is my inspiration and the reason that I was put on this earth. I love both of my children because they are both so different and enrich my life in different ways. They complete me. Becky is special because she will not only inspire me and make my life better, but she will bring inspiration to all those around her.

She is an absolutely beautiful butterfly. Thanks for sharing this touching story.