My BG Trend Continues

I was off today and again, was very low, in accordance with my “Day Off BG Trend”. (sleeping late, which translates to not eating… just the opposite of my normal 8-4 shift day, therefore, allowing myself to crash) When I finally got up it was late… after 10:00, and I was confused and trying to get it together. After milling around, I finally drank some oj and my bg was 53 AFTER drinking it, so I imagine I was somewhere in the 30’s or 40’s beforehand.

The entire day was like that, an episode of The Raising Of The Low BG. I still decided not to let it keep me off my bike, but, dealing with the lows are a pain in the ■■■. I dropped during one of my appointments, and in the lobby I heard myself asking the same questions over & over. I’m sure the receptionists were wondering what my problem was.


My bg trend continues…