My BIG 7-0 Birthday party fund raiser for Diabetes Summer Surge

Lets see how " smart" I am and try to post this here ( without any help ) .

The event is similar to last year , with lots of family and friends attending my BD party in person and virtually , donating towards the CDA’s Diabetes Summer Surge…

EXCEPT I am one year older and both Gordon and I are happy to share this milestone with PWD and our supporters .
We are also clear, that I don’t need gifts or cards ; we will be very grateful YOU making a donation towards CDA’s Research , so we get to share with the 3 million diagnosed people in Canada and many more millions in other countries my BIG 7-0 .
Instructions about donating is at the bottom of the page .
Canadian donors will receive a tax receipt …sounds like a good deal , going to a party and the Government gives a tax break!

PS I may ask Admin to help me with " to display page after clicking on the link , instead of the link "

Happy birthday! 70 years young!

Hi Gerri , all and all life is grand …I have outlived my parents , thanks to modern technology and above all a great support system !! …glad to have you as one of my Tu friends…thanks .

Hello Nel:

Thanks for the Birthday Party notice. Are you going to have a video set up?? :smiley: That would be a Treat to watch. I like parties. I also enjoy witnessing your many Successes, your ongoing Energy and your giving Spirit. I hope that you have a Wild one. You Rock and I’m in. :slight_smile:

Terrie , likely NO to the video set up question , unless ??, ha, ha … wish you could come to the beautiful Shuswap at party time !! Usually a HOT day here.

An upcoming radio interview , Mon. July 5 , about our participation with the Diabetes Summer Surge …hope locals will come to my party , because they have listened to the interview :slight_smile: .
We have reached over 50 percent of our goal and like to go HIGHER !!..3 weeks from today !!
And still lots of invites to go out .

Hi Nel: :slight_smile:

Where is your Party being held? Surely not at your home. How many People are going to be there? I wish I could go to your 70th but you live a little bit of a distance away eh? Not just a skip and a jump.
Actually it’s 3,835 km – about 1 day 22 hours drive. Our Son and DIL are going to Alberta and wise to take a plane.

Great job on your total so far. I hope that you reach your goal. I’ve been pretty busy so that I didn’t get that sent out to you yet. I’ll get it out tomorrow(yes, I know it’s Sat.). I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

Hey, Good job by the Dutch Men. YAY! Cheers!

Morning Terrie ,

And you are busy too…that’s life …not too many dull moments , right !! Do you have fam . in Alberta ?
Have not received too many confirmed yah’s ( sp ?) to the 70 th .
My Brother and Sis in law are flying from Guelph to Kelowna ( via Vancouver ) and will take in 10 days of
" festivities" here in the Shuswap . Last year we had about 30 guests at Pink Cherry …if you click on the link, then Nel’s Big 7-0, you will see the details as time, place etc. Had 8 here for breakfast on the BD last year , dinner was as in " dining out " .Easy on the BD gal !
I am with you …time is going toooo fast …I hardly have responded to any TuD postings lately …other things are taking up my time , incl my own diabetes management .
4 of us type one-ers met about DTC the other day …and we had a Luncheon , followed by a walk about for our pump Nurse, who retired from the DEC /Vernon hospital …time flies attending to these things .
Yesterday for a drive to Revelstoke and finally had Lunch at the place the Torch bearer owns ,( I handed the Torch to in Jan ) …this only took us 5 plus months to accomplish :slight_smile: …it was sooo nice to hug each other and revisited all the memories of then .
Looking out to your mail , my friend !

Diabetes Nel Peach 70th BDay July 5 2010.mp3

below the about 1 min . interview by Patrick Riley from EZRock radio station .

HURAH : …getting closer to our goal ;to add : a cash donation of $50,00 ; I require some more detail from the donor before I can submit and a chq of $ 50,00 arrived in the mail today , which I will mail to the CDA /Toronto …new total : well over !,000.00 …it’s fun to start a BD early and it will last till mid August :slight_smile:

Canadian TuD friend Terrie donated …awesome !!! …she cannot attend ; distance too large …but we will Cheer her and think of all of us living with diabetes …3 million Canadians ! This Birthday Bash a win-win .
Please help us reach for the top .
The yesterday’s local paper story !!

What a surprise , when our Dutch visitors e-mailed this picture …more update to come soon ; stay tuned !

Beautiful photo Nel. Yum! What kind of cake is/was that? It sounds like you had a Blast with your Friends! Good to hear. (Cute doggie :smiley: )

Diabetes Summer Surge 2010 officially came to an end August 30 …the birthday lasted till then , as donations still came in !!
And this morning a surprise interview via the phone by our local radio station to remind our community about the 3 million Canadians with diabetes and the Birthday Bash …at 7 am …this gal of 70 usually is not awake at seven , but was this morning :wink: …the interview was aired at 9 am .
A total of $ 2,660.01 was raised by us for the Canadian Diabetes Association ; we requested to have donations directed to Research …Thank You all for another wonderful Birthday …

To top up the birthday of 70 years , I won through Diabetes Summer Surge 2010 the Grand prize by having our name added to the hat , after we had accumulated over $ 1000.00 in donations …our name was picked :slight_smile: …and on Friday , Oct . 22 prior to the CDA’s National Awards Dinner , in Edmonton , AB I received : 2 Air Canada donated tickets , anywhere in North America , including Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean …can’t be any happier :slight_smile: . Our donors , incl our travel agent will know soon how excited we are !!

One more sleep : and on our way to Maui , Diabetes Summer Surge winnings !
Rottie Penny and cat Mush Puppy will be missed …they are settled in for now.

Good Morning Nel: :slight_smile:

I hope that you and Gordon are feeling energized and Bright on this, your departure day. You’s must be so excited. :smiley: Take this cold weather with you and bring some warm stuff back with you please. We wish you a Good flight, Terrific weather and Awesome adventures in Maui.

ps Pack all your Diabetes supplies and other meds. You can work on your A1c when you get back home. Oh and take extra underwear. You never know. :smiley: We Love Ya!!