My biggest supporter not only through T1d but life!

I've been thinking lately that will the people who support me now in the beginning stages of my T1D journey be there for the long haul. Having had chronic pancreatitis I saw supposed friends come and go over the years but one person has remained strong in his support of me over the husband.

Last week we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. (I can't believe I'm old enough to say that!!) The card I got him says,

"We've been through a lot together. You've seen me at my best, my worst, and first thing in the morning."

But he truly has seen me at my best and my worst, and that's not always first thing in the morning!! But despite him experiencing me at my worst more often than I like to admit, he stays with me...and I with him. I can count on him through thick and thin. We have a system that although might not work for others, works for us.

But as I said, this got me to many friends will I lose due to yet another chronic disease to contend with. My life with chronic pancreatitis left me with a much smaller circle of friends due to my inability to always be able to keep social plans I made when I was feeling well.

Through all of my medical struggles though, and I think the T1D journey will be no different, I have met and continue to interact with some amazing people. I definitely have learned who my true friends are through all of the ups and downs. I have met some girls through a mutual love of all things sewing and I'm betting they'll be supporting me through all of the good times and the bad times of the coming years, just as I will continue to support and love them.

I also have come to rely, respect and admire some amazing doctors and nurses that have come to be an integral part of my healthcare team. I've fired some less than stellar medical people through my tenure with chronic illness but have a truly remarkable team now that I know I can all upon at a moments notice, just like my husband. Although chronic illness stinks, I have met some amazing people who, if not for the illness, I wouldn't have met. So, I'm thankful for all of the facets of my life, even the negative stuff.

What is the most positive aspect of your diabetes?? Who is your biggest supporter?

Remember, CHECK!! DON'T GUESS!!

i'm happy for you sandy & we're all your friends here on tudiabetes

Thanks, Shoshana! I have no doubt my friends here on tudiabetes and on the DOC in general will be friends for a long time. I just wanted to take the opportunity to show what a good man my better half is. 30 yrs is a long time and I've truly been blessed! Thanks for supporting my blog efforts and all ur kind comments, & esp for reminding me I chose life when I decided to have my surgery!! Hope ur having a great weekend!!

Hi Sandy, your thoughts gave me goosebumps and made me smile. :) I feel the same way about my husband. I feel so blessed to have him by my side through this journey with Type 1. I was diagnosed at the age of 27, only 3 years after we married so he didn't sign up for this. But he has been there always, through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

He has carried the lions share of chores during the bad days, probably saved my life with a glucagon injection one night, has learned to count carbs so he can grocery shop and cook for me, never complains about my Dexcom alarms and simply refers to me as the "bionic woman". He has simply accepted it all for me.

We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in November. So, thank you for making me pause today and think about these blessings. And you're right, my time with Type 1 has shown me who cares about me enough to "get it" and who doesn't. And that's ok too. I treasure the ones who are still there. Take care and best wishes to you and your hubby.

Happy Anniversary, Smileandnod!! It makes me so happy that my post meant something to you!!. my hubby dislikes the Dexcom alarms but the only thing I hear about it is that he claims I have my Dex set on, "Wake spouse" instead of "wake self"!!

Thanks for taking the time to read & comment!! I hope you and hubby have many more years to celebrate!!

happy anniversary to all of you every day

Me tooo! My Hubby is a Godsend. I even presented him with a trophy a few years back, to thank him for saving my "goose" countless times through the years. We started dating when we were 17 and in high school and we still get along and love one another. :D Through the years we learned to consider each others feelings and to compromise whenever possible. Humour helps too. Opposites do attract.


Thank you Shoshana! It's cherry wood. He was smiling and tearing up when he read it. He really appreciates it, as I do him.

***Happy Anniversary to you and to your Hubby, Sandy!!!***

Our Anniversary is during the summer. If the 30th caused you disbelief then
the 34th is going to shock you. :) I just enjoy them as they come and am grateful to experience them. The 40th should be interesting.

Sandy, Terrie, I can tell you for sure that there's nothing better than a good marriage, getting better and better over the years... My husband and I will celebrate our 61st anniversary this year, God willin' and the creek don't rise.

WONDERFUL! AMAZING! There must be an award for that Trudy. :D Good for you and Hardy. Good marriages take work but it's well worth it, as you know. Wishing you both many more Happy Years!! Gotta go!

Th In the long run small efforts to be kind go a long way in helping your partner know that you love and appreciate her/him. Thank you for your kind comments Terrie!!