My blood glucose suddenly went up high!

I’m diagnosed with t1d 2 years ago. So my medication is using apidra before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. And using lantus before going to sleep.
I have no problem using this, my a1c is also good.
I always check my blood glucose and it’s on the range. My fasting glucose is always less than 100. But sometime when you know that moment we lost control, it goes more than 100.
So i have a problem now. Its been a week. It starts when i had my period 2 weeks ago. My fasting glucose is more than 200.
I consulted with my doctor. And he said it’s okay because of my period.
After my period(this one week), my fasting glucose is in 170-200 range. And after i eat, it became 450-480.
I mean… what’s wrong with me? Is my injection no longer working? Please help me.

You need to adjust all your dosing parameters: ISF, I:C ratios, etc. Many folks with LADA progress towards needing more insulin very slowly. Also, many women have 3 different basal/bolus profiles: premenstrual, menstrual, and the rest of the time.

I highly recommend Gary Scheiner’s Think Like a Pancreas to help with the dosing adjustments you will need to make. Keep us posted and keep asking questions!

After 32 years I’ve also come to realize these changes often follow a “punctuated equilibrium” model rather a steady, incremental arc. (Not referring to the menstrual ones in my case, of course.)

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it’s not ok, I would suggest you do a basal test and get that right first

this may help too, if you haven’t a workbook
(the certificate ran out but the site is safe)

I haven’t had my period yet after I have been diagnosed…yet. it’s due to rear its ugly head here soon. Ugh. I’ll have to watch. Sorry I don’t have any advice but curious on others experience

Well that’s new information that your doctor should have. They try to not impact your quality of life with technical details that won’t do much for you. Sounds like the doctor thought your blood glucose was going slightly high for a few days per cycle and so why bother. That’s the whole reason for the pre-diabetic diagnosis. Its mild type two but the treatment may impact the quality of life more than the high blood sugars.

Have you checked in case you could be pregnant? This can cause very large change in blood sugars.

Is your insulin still ok? DId it possibly get overheated and 'damaged"?

Would also be looking for possible infection somewhere as this can cause rise in blood sugars. At least get a CBC and urinalysis done to rule this out.

Maybe have to reset basal/bolus dosing - particularly for now. however, if it went up so suddently it could also go down suddenly, so do monitor closely.

However, I would want to be looking for this cause.

Thank you for the replies!! My blood sugar is normal now.
But i think i should monitor it closely, in case this happened again!
I think my basal need is already right, thank you for telling me to do this.
I’ll keep posting and asking💕