My blood sugar seems higher with my OmniPod my on arm

I’ve had my OmniPod since August, and I always wear it on my stomach. Last week I got a new doctor and I wanted to try it out on my upper arm. But ever since then my blood sugar has been crazy high. Could the reason that my blood sugar is really high be because that I put it on my arm, and not my stomach? Or do you think this is just because I have a new doctor… I dont know… Has this happened to anybody else?

Where you put the infusion set can affect your blood sugars. Some areas get better infusion then other areas.

Oh, okay. Thank you so much.

It all depends on the person, you have to experiment to find out where gets the best rate for you. I found my thigh does better than anyplace. Sorry I am fighting a low so scatter brained here.

I’ve been on the Omnipod since October and have been wearing it on my stomach during all the basal testing and tweaking. When I first moved it to my leg my BG’s went up as well. I increased my basal rate by 15% and that seemed to help. The second and third day in that location seemed to be normal though. I have not tried my arm yet.

In addition to what others have said, it might be possible that it’s just a bad pod. I don’t know how often it happens with the OmniPod (probably less since insertion is automatic), but with my Medtronic Paradigm pump, I can sometimes have a bad infusion site (sometimes the catheter doesn’t go in just right or whatever) that change how well it works. So trying a new pod in the same place might change something also. Just a thought.

The arm looks like such an uncomfortable place for an infusion set. In the 10+ years I’ve been pumping, I’ve only used abdominal sites. I tried my lower hip once and the absorption was dismal and inconsistent.

I started on the Omnipod this Nov. and for the last 3weeks I have been consistantly high. I tried it on my arm once, but partial pulled the tape part when I walked by a door jam hitting it. My pump would not work so I had to change out my pod. I too wear mine on my abd, it feels the most comfortable spot. Denise

No scar tissue? What’s your secret? I don’t have anything really bad, but what’s there is mostly on the surface layers of the skin. It seems unavoidable. I am fairly lean though, so when I say I only use my abdomen, I actually only use a small portion of it- maybe 1/3rd or so. You know how injecting into fat-less tissue is. . .I can’t go there.