My blood sugar

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THE ANSWER!!! i been doing better, my gm been 70 to 150, in the pass two weeks i think that's the best they been in the last six months. yesterday i woke up with my blood sugar in 78 i decided to put 10 units of humalog for 120 carbs , and two hours later i felt a little funny i checked my gm and it was 320, i was like omg so i was glad the i cut it, so i be able to fix it, i put another eight units of humalog and i had half of banana and then i was getting ready to have lunch and when i checked my blood sugar i was 28 i did not felt low or anything, i never had my blood sugar the low before, i was a little scare but i have been checking my blood sugar like every three hours, what i do not get is i played a soccer game and before the game i was 119, i did not have a snack or anything just water played the game and after the game i checked and i was 259, that a ? mark for me why did my blood sugar when up with a activity? i do not know if anyone have a idea why please let me know thank you

Competition produced adrenaline. Adrenaline causes the liver to release glycogen. Blood sugar rises while playing soccer.