My Brand New Pancreas

So she has finally arrived (and yes she is a she and her name is Sivanna River, I have a habit of naming intimate objects). I mist say that I have never loved anything and maybe anyone more than her. One, she is convenient, comfortable, and much smaller than I was expecting. The whole bolus wizard feature is pretty much heaven on top of the fact that my new meter sends my readings to the pump. I have had some troubles with my blood sugars, but I am pretty sure it has to do with my site problems (user error). For example, I decided that five minutes after putting a site in it was a super wise idea to take a shower. How surprising that it would fall off! The other site issue was more laziness. I may have chosen to ignore the fact that the needle was a bit crooked when I took the infusion set applicator out. However, my blood sugar has not been higher than 235 and I am loving it. I would definitely suggest it. I am truly in love.

Are you attached by the hip? lol